The Feminine Not Mystical

To whom it may concern,

Women have two enemies that they contend with until the day they die: time and other women. No other forces in the world, not ISIS nor male systematic oppression thwart her ambitions more than time and other women.

Concerning Time

* Her biological clock starts to tick as soon as she menstruates, and the sound of the clock grows louder as she ages until the deafening clicks of her menopausal days shatter her hopes of having children and in many cases, her prospects of a mate.


* As an animal, her variant on the homosapien species is one that makes her a fierce protector of children. Biologically, she nurtures our legacy and often at the expense of other concerns (her career and sometimes her own mate). This sacrificial nature is devoted to offspring as a general rule. The opportunity to do so dwindle with each passing minute.


* Often a woman welcomes ridicule for having a barren womb, but from whom you may ask? From her only other foe, who is also her fiercest antagonist: other women.


Other Women

* Oh the hatred and subterfuge that begets itself among women of equal standing in the sexual/social marketplace. Make no mistake that the world is a jungle civilized: a platform in which we sell ourselves and our company to other members of the community in order to ensure safety and resources. For women, the success of her brand is contingent upon first, her looks, and secondly her standing with other women.

* Women do not dress for their potential mate per se (they have outfits to appeal to certain types to win his investment of time and resources/protection, but I digress) they dress for other women. Women are desired by men regardless of their appearance, but the social disapproval of other women can be debilitating. Women’s violence can be feral in it’s psychological barrage and persistence.

* Women view other women as a threat to their security when they have a mate, knowing that men have a vulnerability to women, and naturally so. We biologically want to protect and promote our genes as much as possible, so why not ensure the likelihood that the seed sprouts than planting multiple seeds? However, women also know that men are better than anyone at “keeping form” or paying attention to only one thing at a time, and if another mate comes along and takes away her protector and resources, this is not only a slight to the ego but an economic death.

In closing, it should be known that if you follow the design of nature, it’s incentives and patterns, you’ll know that it has a mathematical accuracy, one that is more acutely presented to the female of each species. As such, women are only mysteries to themselves. They do not fool us in the least.



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