A Man’s Undoing is A Man’s Honor

* Understand that the XY chromosome does not bestow inherent virtue upon it’s vessel. I mean to say that men have a romantic nature that poeticizes beauty where there is beast, art where there is dishonesty, and rabbits where there are snakes.

*Similar to how a woman’s neurological makeup allows her to twist reality so that it is easier to live with, a man can and does go on adventures like Don Quixote in search of pride, status, and buried treasure. This leads men to fall in love at a strip club or glean interest from lovers who only want them for practical means, despite the evidence otherwise.

*Perhaps it is ambition and a brain wired for one task at a time that allows for men to be so easily led by the nose. If a woman couldn’t manipulate him into donating resources and fighting off other men in exchange for sex (or merely the promise of), the human race wouldn’t have made it past it’s 20th winter.

*At any rate, men are only able to fend for themselves when they’ve been stung by love or bitten by snakes in the grass on the way to their destination. After that, man becomes aware of how to protect himself, especially from those that wish to use and abuse him, most often in the name of “honor” or it being “the right thing to do”

*In it’s most obvious form, white knighting, a damsel in distress allows his pride and romanticism to flare like a supernova. At the end of the deed, perhaps his health or finances are in need of repair, but the rewards he exacts from the damsel is merely the satisfaction of “doing the right thing”

*Since Diana is the Goddess of the Hunters, it is no wonder why she despises men of this ilk, for they make for easy targets, but  also make wonderful boyfriends and husbands in the no-fault divorce and alimony era. Easy pickings for money and shelter.
With women given the right to vote without earning it (they don’t protect the country in times of war and often betray the native men for the more barbaric invading clans should they win) it is no wonder that 50% of marriages end in divorce and 75% of divorces are initiated by women. Legal prostitution; highway robbery; parasite devours host.

*In the name of all the things that make a man proud and worthy of respect by his peers and elders, his children and women alike, man continues to castrate himself and put his manhood on the altar. The altar could be marriage, or a career that supports his family, or simply being of use. His being needed pesters him and his wife, career, and children all beckon him for more sacrifices, more alms, more time, and more blood; a symbiotic neediness.

*Is a man any less for going his own way and turning his back on all that need him and who would die without him? If the same hands held out slap him and point fingers of indignation for his service, could he sink any lower by leaving?

When going away becomes the only way,


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