A Soft & Wet Distraction

Women are a vacation, not a vocation.

* Women are a dangerous plaything; they are fickle and justify their deeds, no matter how dastardly, with emotions and use not rationale but sympathy to convince. Ever wonder why they get that dead look in their eyes when you go on about a hobby or the newest finding in a scientific journal? “Girls just wanna have fun” That’s why.

* If you are in mixed gendered company and an aggressive criminal wielding a knife came into the room, the most masculine man would be expected to defend himself and the rest of the group, while the others would be within their rights socially to rubberneck, record, and keep the women out of harms way. With all of women’s liberation and cries of independence, this would be the tacit code of conduct: the man sacrifices his safety for the women and the least manly of the men.

* Her physique is fragile and her mind is volatile. Any thing that might upset her emotions (perceived slight, another woman) and she’s off the rails with the most irrational bullshit you’ve heard; an imagineer couldn’t come up with the shit a woman does when she’s been offended. Anything that might put her in physical danger, real or imagined, will send her into a hysteria like a child (spider above the bed, scary movie, etc).

* For men who like Halo and Call Of Duty, this unending rise of problems that needs solving and tasks to conquer, drama to nullify, it provides a cornucopia of traps to avoid, attacks to defeat, and chances to prove your prowess.

* But much like video games or vacation, which offer mindful self-indulgence: women are only demands on your time, money, and emotions, and in order to escape reality, you pay the price. If this sounds extreme, ask yourself and your male friends: when has a woman that you were dating or a woman in your life EVER caused your money, your time, and your emotions to GROW? They are consumers and imitators of authority, not generators of it. Remember #wastehistime2016 ?

* Women are a pleasant distraction: Who interrupts your work to get your attention? “Come play with me” She doesn’t know how to give, but consume. She’s not your co-worker, nor consultant: she is your soft & wet vacation to unwind.

* Drinks bought and frills achieved, at best you have a story. But that allocation of resources isn’t something to be done long-term. Your mind would turn to putty and your bank account would empty. You’d have to figure a way to make enough money to support your new lavish lifestyle and somehow keep it all together.

* You can save $ or you can save women from boredom, but not simultaneously. These women are not the feminine women of yesteryear, but the entitled and dysfunctional wanders looking for someone to tell them what to do, how to do it, and all at your expense. Enjoy what they have to offer, whatever it may be; pay for the amusement park admission, be taller than her to ride the ride, have fun, and get out of dodge and go back to work. Why?

Women are a vacation, not a vocation.


Enjoy your stay at Hotel California,



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