Amoral Adages VI

* A Best Friend is someone who hates the same things as you

* If you don’t objectify people, you waste people

* People who manage to clutter their life with things and appointments but are unproductive: can they be considered adults? No. Grown children

* Evil is what most are afraid will happen to them or are too feeble to undertake. Be a good man and rest while paying others to do evil for u

* People are more dangerous and more delicious in the flesh…..why watch them on T.V. when you can be lovers and fight with and against them?

* If you want to understand the world or the people in it, battle them. A healthy respect and clear knowledge of an opponent means

* Why choose less than powerful and smart people to learn from, regardless of creed, politics, or gender?

* If you don’t allow other’s to laugh at you, you’ll make a joke out of yourself. When you laugh at them, they’ll get quite serious.

* Talking and arguing with idiots is like seeing shit in the street: don’t loose your cool, simply walk around it. No good will come of it.

* If your circle consists of opposing and conflicting viewpoints from highly intelligent beings, you’re in the danger-zone. Think dangerously.

* You dont argue with passionate people, you exploit them. Stir emotions as needed and a little dangling carrot before their eyes and voila

* Skilled whores & lovers have a flirtatious yet mechanical relationship with the senses, a open-door/closed mouth relationship with reality.

* Sadism has functional outlets: making people laugh/treating someone with respect. These will turn the self-destruct switch on.

* Women Don’t have a sexual prime of 30: the biological clock is ticking so loud in her ears that only a baby/husband could silence the noise

* Using someone and abusing someone is only divided with how much the “victim” likes it.

* Power is found in the eye of the storm, it’s indelible calm in surrounding chaos. The poster child is merely the pawn out front.

* Your life isn’t out of control: you’re disorganized and anxious, thinking the world is spinning when life changes it’s rhythm for no one.

* Life is a cycle of cycles. Prepare for the past in different clothes and friends and enemies with different names, but same archetype

* Weakness is a weapon aimed right at the strong to say that they’re greedy, or priveledged, and always wrong

* The difference between smart people and dumb people is that smart people KNOW they are dumb, and dumb people don’t

* If you don’t want them to find your secrets, put them on the front porch

* Its not slander if it’s true, but it does mean war.

* The bird sings sweeter when it goes into the cage on its own. Sweeten the deal, sour the options, and never force their hand.




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