Amoral Adages VIII

* Some people are humans, but most people are parrots: they repeat what they have heard and without investigating; reliably these parrots will parrot things they don’t know with veracity

* If you want to spread a rumor like a wild fire, tell it to a loudmouth, a gossip, or one of the above parrots. Free advertising.

* You can have back payments in child support but no back payments in pussy….gender equality.

* Want to know the truth about someone? Mix in disbelief with your curiosity and wait. Their vanity will kick in like 3 shots on an empty stomach.

* With religion, drugs, alcohol, and games do the hordes keep themselves hamstrung and easy for the picking: #fear is a hell-of-a-drug.

* If you have the time and space to think without interruption, you’re a wealthy man.

* Words rhyme, but people’s rationale and actions don’t. Not to worry: exploit there vocalized intentions, force their hand, expose the inside.

* Starve them of attention and they’ll be hungry for attention.

* Sex you can buy, love you can fake, power you can build on the hearts you break

* Guilt trips are the foot-sweeps of the weak. Don’t apologize for being attacked; the best defense is a good offense.

* Be wrong in private, humble in public, and dependable.

* Ah but the cost of being talented or beautiful is high. Great power = Great Cost.

* The things envious people do to their superiors. They would chop their legs off to see equality done.

* There is no such thing as equality, nor fairness, but a good business deal, a successful businessman, and the rest.



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