Amoral Adages VII

* Put your wants and needs in the same elixir and drink when you make a decision.


* If you’re honest with dishonest people, you’re honestly an idiot


* A moral man’s undoing is his honor. The evil he combats one day could be the same that saves him tomorrow


* There’s this magical thing called incentive, and he who wields it correctly has power.


* A woman likes you when she mimics you and takes on your nuances; AWALT Women are a piano in need of playing. Play her right and she loves u


* Its not what you deserve, but for what you can negotiate.


* Everything is an asset or liability. Time and energy are finite resources. Do you spend your resources into things that bring profit?


* My girlfriend once said that life is unfair. I told her that “its not about being fair, its about taking advantage” The loser gets sour grapes.


* Confidence means to confide in one’s self. The loudest victim or the most talkative braggart defy confidence by definition


* The feminine energy without the masculine is like a river without a riverbed, and today’s lack of definition proves it.




Published by Avery

Advisor. Daemon who dissects. Dark horse. Light-bringer.

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