Dark Triad: Three The Hard Way

DISCLAIMER: Not an expert, but an avid reader of the darkly inclined.


  1. The dark triad are sitting at the bar, and from their reputation garner curiosity of the bartender. “Who is the most evil among you?”


They reply respectively…


The Narcissist = “Me”

Machiavellian = “whoever I decide”

Psychopath = “I dont care”


  1. If correlated to animals, I see them based on their neurology as follows:

Narcissist = Peacock

Machiavellian = Fox

Psychopath = Honey Badger


  1. In the manner of games:

Narcissist = Charades

Machiavellian = Chinese Go

Psychopath = Chicken


  1. Psyche

Narcissist = Ego

Machiavellian = Super-ego

Psychopath = Id




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