Double Standards = Golden Standard

* Why is it fine for a woman to hit a man, but abhorrent for the same man to hit the woman, even to defend himself from that same woman?

* Why do women remember names, dates, times? Why do men care not for these things and have trouble remembering anniversaries and birthdays?

* Because Men and Women are complementary, but unequal. They are each others superior in things the other lacks; the yin/yang.

* Sexism is the synonym for probability that takes two complements and analyzes the tendencies of the parts to say “yin tends to do X this way, while yang does X this way”

* Since the two genders are neurologically and physically different, it would stand to reason and clear observation that the results, methods, attitudes, perception of, and tools of said sexes will vary, compliment, diverge, and clash.

* When given free reign and choice of academic fields to pursue, and career prospects to compete for, the numbers tell a decisive tale of inclination based on biology. Nature in concert with nurture. The more people centered and collectivist careers are dominated by women, where as the dangerous, innovating careers where there are hierarchies such as demolition, law, and STEM are by 90% and higher dominated by men. Watch A Video

* Unnatural and unlawful are the attacks on mother nature; people are happier when following their hearts desire and their biological impulses. Women don’t like to work full time but men get a sense of pride from working up a sweat. Men brag about the hardship they endure to get something done and women brag about money and effort saved; what luxury and leisure they can afford and enjoy.

* Thank the calloused hands of our fathers and the soft skin of our mothers; thank the chivalry of our fathers and the virtue of our mothers ; thank the dangerous and stupid ideas of our fathers for pushing us to uncharted territories and the grace and decorum of our mothers for motivating us to build a better tomorrow for our children and raise the standard of living for them today.

* Thank the men and women who don’t envy the other but understand the fundamental differences of both sexes and the roles they play in each other’s life, the world over.

* Thank them while we still can salvage an iota of difference before sameness crushes our world.

Holding Frame,


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