Feminine Lures, Masculine Instincts

Once again we bark up the “opposites attract” tree to take another bite from this red-pill branch of knowledge. Let’s dig in.

* According to Rollo Tomassi “feminine means doesn’t work, masculine works.” I’ve covered this very dynamic in my prior post “Women of Achievement are Atypically Masculine”

* The very thing that makes us approach a woman, want to pay for her on a date, protect her, and behave in a protective and chivalrous manner is the very relationship of father/daughter, protector/vulnerable, teacher/student, giver/receiver. Women hardly ever approach a man for this very reason. In order to illicit resources and protection, they act weak or dumb so that they aren’t a threat while praising and asking of her protector/provider’s instincts and masculinity to look after her. And without a fuss, watch the “you’re so strong; could you lift this for me and help me move” go down smoother than a smoothie in the dead of summer.

* There are physical tells that biologically flip a switch in our brains and drive us men crazy. These tells all communicate “vulnerable, innocent, weaker than us” and therefore protect, provide, and dominate.

* Stiletto heels, long nails, and all other finery that make it hard to move or protect herself elicit sexual/paternal instincts in men. They also double her curves and sexual dimorphism. Ponytails and exposed necks (carotid artery and nape of the neck), limp wrists all expose vital arteries and if in battle would end the battle. These areas also make it easy to control the movement of the other animal once captured (see any martial art video, especially Wing Chun and Bruce Lee) and also are seen to be primarily used by parents and authorities (police and handcuffs, every mammal grabs their progeny by the nape of the neck.

* Large hips support the demands of child-birth, but make for shitty mechanics for running. Heels as aforementioned amplify the ass and hips, and to a slight extent, the breasts by way of posture, and accordingly the external signs of fertility.

* When you join the army, the first thing they do is cut your hair to a Caesar (and a good thing they do. You don’t want long hair when someone is fighting you, unless you put razors in your hair like cholitas do; but this is an easy plant sense the easiest fight-ender is to grab the hair and control the opponent.)

* Neoteny (large forehead and eyes) also plays a significant role in luring in men. The soft skin, higher register voice, the flirtatious and adorkable body movements all make us take pity on women and endear them to us. The lowering of the head, like a child that knows it’s done wrong, or the turning away of the head (which exposes the neck), all contribute to the longest running and successful gambit that mother nature has created: make the gender that houses the creation of it’s kind the more vulnerable and make it able to manipulate the otherwise rational and logical male.

Women like to be dominated, men like to dominate. Women give the signals that she’s a juicy fruit on the vine, ready to be plucked, and we walk by and see her, in all her FEMININE GLORY, and pick her. If you wonder why women aren’t the fabled goddesses of yore, it’s because they dress and act like men. Silly rabbit’s want to be lions, and wonder why no one is hunting them.

Holding Frame,


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