Feminism: The Liberation From Privilege

Dearly Beloved,

* We’ve been told since the late 60s that women are oppressed by being dependent on men and their brawn for protection, and stifled by their provision of resources. Women in large numbers declared “your chivalry is patronizing; your kitchen and house work a prison sentence”

* JFK signs the equal pay bill and the female revolution gains another foothold on the ladder to success, yet you make MORE than men when without a child and never-married. First suffrage, then the nixing of the nuclear family. Funny that, considering how women complain about “man-droughts” but men don’t do the same concerning women. Women attend seminar after seminar of how to find a man and a husband. You’d think they were holding search parties in a desert for water.

* As time unfurls and women adorn more masculine clothing and shorter hair, women enter the work force more and more in the name of feminism, and engage in more promiscuous behavior in the name of “sexual empowerment.” Funny that empowerment means doing exactly what the boys do. Very funny. The same boys that you’ve claimed you were smarter than and more mature than since the playground.

* Ladies and all-too-gentlemen, I’m here to say that this attitude of becoming men without paying the price that men pay is the reason for your ever increasing unhappiness, your arrogance, and your lack of popularity. It was in the days when all you had to do was raise the next generation (a herculean feat), nurture your husband, build and keep your community familiar and fun, and have your whims indulged and paid for, that you attained the height of your glory. Now you’re marching in the streets to try to convince yourself and the handful of people watching that being a slut is “liberating” and that being fat is somehow a virtue.

* You’ve come in strides concerning legislation, but have done shit with it. You blame men for it and you’re partly right. If those sexist men of the past had denied you entry into hall of justice, you wouldn’t have ruined yourself and made big daddy government/the men foot the bill. But as you complain and as we insist, it’s the natural thing to do when a man protects and provides for a woman, not knowing that saying no is the most loving you can do when someone wants endless indulgence and unmitigated freedom. Free of shame and free of blame, the world is yours.

Look at what you’ve become, look at what we allowed you to do to yourself, and look at the world now.

Amused and alert,


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