Gender Wars: Interdependent Dynamics

When Pat Benatar sang “love is a battlefield,” truer words were never spoken. While the dynamics of the individual genders are dissected, reviewed, given archetypes, I see some things missing. As such, allow this Drow to put some paint where it aint.

* Yin/Yang are two parts of the same whole. That whole is usually typified as the world or the group, but seldom is the individual discussed or considered. Rightfully so: if we start evaluating the masculine & feminine parts of the individuals, the sexist pigs and misandrous harpies might start holding a critical account of that particular part that resides within themselves. The fragile human will not do this, but I will do so in this post.

* I find that the sexual strategies that one employs, men pursue and women attract, men dominate and women create/protect something valuable to be conquered, is but one side of the coin. Freud pulled the mask off this dynamic with the anima/animus and I will go one further: When one’s first strategy is successful, the coin is flipped. When women send out the signal to that they are willing and ready to be dominated and when that man responds with his desire to find such a woman and the two forces meet, the clash flips the coin and the pursued uses dominating tactics and the hunter becomes the hunted.

* Subsequently, when a man lands a girlfriend after chasing and courtship, he finds that she takes the baton. “Where are you and when are you going to see me next?” She starts trying to mould and change him in the way that he tried to dominate and conquer her with his willpower; He finds himself in the passive role being dominated by her energy instead of the opposite, and that the delicate flower once desired was indeed a Venus flytrap; and the man that was a strong and swift warrior gave way to someone tender and romantic.

* Man molds woman and woman consumes man. Body language experts the world over know that when a woman likes a man, she will mirror his body language, take on his mannerisms, wear his clothes to bed when she misses him, and even take his family name. Fellas: if she didn’t take your name she doesn’t love you as deeply as she claims; she isn’t proud of you. You can see this on a genetic level when she bears your children: she takes the genetic information and code and replicates it.

* So depending the circumstance and amount of time, one will either employ their dominant strategy or their subconscious strategy. This further illustrates the need to find your compliment so that when you tire of one strategy or reach the wit’s end of it, your other can pick up the slack and carry forth.

Accordingly, the gender wars between feminists and MGTOW, men and women, is but a reflection of the war within each rival faction. The men act more feminine than they should and the women are more aggressive than even their masculine-male counterparts. Both sides riding in the same car and both attempting to grab the wheel while consulting the map. If the world is spinning is out of control, it’s because of this very thing.

Know your role, know your chromosomes,

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