Good Intent: Being a Good Guy Gets You Into Bad Trouble

We men are under constant scrutiny and barrage of insults and slander to our character; assumptions of guilt abound and being called “rapist” and “women-hater” as a default for even the slightest opposition to anything woman. This can wear on your mind, and make you feel more guilt and frustration than necessary. So much so that you may try to prove how much of a good guy you are. When defending yourself from slander, taking the offensive is the act of the wise and of the innocent.


“The path to hell is paved with good intentions.” While it may seem the natural course as men and problem solvers; you may even take up advocating women’s rights (when they have more rights than us) calling yourself a feminist, and white-knighting for women and minorities the world over…..


As a male who see’s professional victims everyday….don’t. Please don’t.


*Women in the west aren’t oppressed, they just lost their feminine wiles and now they don’t have a horse in the race. They don’t need your gallantry to be rescued from an ivory tower – what they need is personal accountability. This won’t happen until we remove our hands from their rigged-game and they are then FORCED to remove their heads from their own ass and search “where all the men went”


Funny thing is that with the powers of femininity, good men come out the wood-work, but they remain hidden when you have the whiny, fat, unattractive succubi searching for penis and protection while screaming that penises are bad and she doesn’t need protection. #getafuckingclue


*This is happening already (MGTOW and The Red Pill). These men are full of good intentions and are good dudes, I’ve talked and listened to several of them, and what they all have in common is the frustration of being good and decent human beings who are rewarded with apathy and negligence.


*Due to the lack of manly men in the aftermath of cultural-emasculation, PC culture, and recent wars that have plucked the Men from the home, women have grown bitter trying to be manly and men have grown confused and try to be women. The men that are leftover don’t even want to invest the time into making a home or building one with someone because there’s nothing to invest in. Hell, most people don’t invest in themselves. That’s why we go the opposite route (MGTOW)


*These single-mothers may advise their boys on how to be a man, but they won’t ever have a clue since we are creatures of gestures, creatures of sacrifice; creatures of risk and progress, logic and dominance, and they are creatures of luxury and leisure.


*Feminism is a poison that demonizes the strong so that the weak can leech off of them in their immobilized state. Its social, sexual, and economic armed robbery.


So if you’re trying to support their communist-cause, just know your taxes already go to it, and you’re already under the thumb of feminism by law. Now we MEN are pulling ourselves from under tyranny.





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