Holding Frame

*The concept in the title has it’s roots in men and their exclusive role and painstaking burden of performance.


  1. This idea was brought to my attention by the acute acumen of @IllimmitableMan, see the following:



2. and was supported by the clear thinking and ruthless pragmatism of this youtuber:



* “Holding frame” means to be unwavering, stoic, and firm. To the man unable to do so, he is regarded as less of a man. A quick glance into the bedroom and we’ll see that this “burden of performance” weighs on the shoulders of the man, even in this most primal and wonderful activity.


  1. In order for a man to be considered good at sex, he has a list of duties and tasks to be successful:


-Charm and court the woman (she won’t make the first move, but she will send the first signal if skilled in the lost art of femininity)

-Get the woman into the bedroom and make her feel comfortable

-Turn her on via foreplay

-Get himself hard (holding frame)

-Don’t cum while making her cum by working the combination lock that is her body without instruction (some women aren’t shy about it, but the general rule is that women don’t know themselves enough so they can’t communicate their tastes and therefore it once more falls on the shoulders of the man. Even when they do, they’d rather lay back and leave the doing up to you i.e perform.)

-Do all of that and keep hard

-Battle through any insecurities about himself and keep hard (don’t you dare cum)

– And when she’s ready for you to cum, after all that, you can.

It gets dirtier. In domestic violence cases, women are either the instigator of the abuse or the co-contributor of the abuse. The difference being that men are expected to “hold frame” and no matter how much psychological abuse she inflicts upon you or physical abuse you receive, you NEVER EVER can hit her back. Here are the findings in this regard

  • The 1st part of this Video :


  • The domestic-abuse statistics :



In closing, the burden is ours because we are that powerful. When we disappear and when we become less masculine, the world crumbles. Women become less women and less lovely. They hate themselves and everything goes to shit because when atlas shrugged and said “fuck it” the world feels it.





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