How Black Women Come To Be Avoided

As someone who has sat in the shadows as various groups of men from various backgrounds spoke freely,  I can report about how the supposed “black girl magic” is ineffective and how the worlds strongest woman remains the least married, the least dated, and the most impregnated out of wedlock (triple the percentage of white women at 75%)

All you single ladies, for your consideration, I offer the following:


  1. Your Hypocrisy


*You are the mother of the phrases “I don’t need no man” and “strong, independent woman” yet are the most dependent on government assistance (welfare, wic, planned parenthood, section 8) and offer overwhelming loyalty, in both numbers and duration to the Democratic party who’s platform runs on these handouts so that you can remain “independent”


* Complains about other races stealing or appropriating black culture yet dye your hair blonde or red (it’s often not her hair, but weave; though if you bought it with your money it technically is “your hair”)


*Claims that “men aint shit” cuz they don’t take care of the kids but 1 out of 3 black kids are aborted. Let’s say black men aint shit. If they are irresponsible and no good, why have kids with them? Why make yourself poorer and bring the kid into more poverty if YOU are the more compassionate and more responsible of the black race?


  1. Your poor imitation of Masculinity


* Short haircuts that look like a man’s haircut; easily riled up and often angry (the attitude); deep voices; lack of hips on average; aggressive and defensive, especially about your blackness; prone to domestic violence; jealous and crass


*In order to look less manly, you have to wear a weave or wigs. And when you do have naturally good hair, it’s mostly due to mixed heritage. Hence sistah’s obsession with having a baby with “good hair” and listing the recipe of said heritage (1/4 Cherokee Indian, 1/5 Irish, add a pinch of German)


  1. Your Jealousy and Self Hate


* You could easily maintain a short but natural hair style and be strong without being “intimidating,” but as a general rule you neither possess nor understand these qualities and insist on attacking women that do. The sour grapes of those that lack are not tasty to anyone, and so you wallow in your mire, justifying your misery and loneliness with mantra’s like “men are dogs” and “I don’t need no man.” Ironically, you’ve been holding seminars and going on talk shows to ask why you can’t find a man.


3.1 The Most Racist


* With all your talk and grievances with brothas dating “outside of the race,” you’d think you belonged to the KKK: the progenitors of black/black crime and homicide are single parent homes…the monopoly of which is held by black women.


  1. An Olive Branch


* Many black women are sexy and educated, but your men are less educated due to the mass incarceration of black men, the shit-show of schools in the communities where there is a concentration of blacks, and the teachers in these schools are women who can’t handle the wild ones. But these wild ones are created by the 75% illegetimacy rate which brings them into a broken home sent into a world ill equipped to rise from the mud to meet condescendingly low expectations in place, i.e, affirmative action.

* This creates a problem since women are hypergamous, they naturally date up. You’ll never find a women who sexually desires and respects someone who is their equal or lesser on the whole. The school system is slanted to the side of women and equates the gold standard to the female standard, and men and boys, especially black boys who display a hyper-masculinity, perceived or behavioral, which puts black women at an advantage. The stats bear out this tendency as the colleges are 60% women and 40% men. Homosexuality runs rampant in the black community, especially the more “black” communities like Atlanta. So when the women need a man to lead and the young boys need a father figure to look up to, all they get is a woman who has to play a parody of a man, and then still be a nurturing mother. That’s hard as hell. You sistahs don’t have it easy.  Black women that are manly and Black men that are soft.

*These dynamics do not foretell of successful mating as the women finds the men too weak and the men find you too strong. From my place in the shadows, it looks like those old school proms where the boys stood to one side and the girls stood to the other, but in our more “progressive” society, each gender is wearing the other’s clothes and everyone is staring into their phones.


  1. How to Help


* Not all black women are ghetto, loud & proud, but the ones that are don’t get silenced by the ones that are feminine, secure, intelligent and classy. If enough of you ladies started to oppose these “nappy headed hoes” then maybe us brothas would date more exclusively instead of getting our goods elsewhere. Show brothas that you dispute the stereotypes we have about you or continue your monopoly on singlehood.


Happily Never After,


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