Humble Pie: Feminist Food For Thought

To those born female,

*Girls are tortured with the disorder of infantile narcissism and the causes are encouraged from an early age

*As early as 15, some cases earlier, girls are sought after. To use an analogy; if they were to be depicted as any aspect of war, they would be a stronghold attacked by all armies, from all sides. To win this stronghold, all contending parties offer gifts and luxury to win said stronghold. How fitting that despite the unyielding onslaught, the “stronghold” is taken down from within…at the hands of the closest counselors (mother and father/lack thereof)

*This battle from within and without to influence and win the stronghold is at it’s peak until the early 20’s, wanes after around 25, and puts on the brakes near the wall (mid 30’s onward)

*This poisons the well in a few ways:

  1. Receiving all this attention from a young age enforces the mindstate that “the world will come to me without me doing anything but looking attractive” The battle within aforementioned comes from her elder women that laud her beauty without equal or even due consideration of her intelligence. You hear all the counseling in your own life or in passing; tips about make-up and how good/cute they look; What he/she is wearing; what perfume do you like?; find a man that will take care of you and treat you right…..all of these things are about attracting the finer things in life but not about earning them. Heaven forbid you develop a passion or have talent outside of your physique (Acting doesn’t count because women are natural liars)
  1. Relying on your looks to get what you want enforces not only infantile narcissism, but a manipulative and parasitic lifestyle that is low on merit, and stockpiled in cunning. The highway robber without the gun, but sex and the promise of sex instead.
  1. Its no wonder that we see so many pretty women with fragile egos and low self-esteem: they’ve never had to earn what they’ve owned. They can get free drinks, a place to stay, food, vacations for free, so why bother with work? Why bother with work when you can con someone into doing it out of pity or being a “gentleman” ?
  1. Thats why the women who are either not attractive or not viewed as attractive by her community tend to have better personalities because they were never given the false-sense of reality. Instead, they were treated as adults and flourished accordingly. Hence the phrase “skinny bitches are evil” These “ugly duckling” women are the truly beautiful, with brains and personality to boot (i.e. Cleopatra, Ninon De Lenclos, Madame de Pompadour, etc)

In summary:

The laziness; the weak ego; the infantile narcissism, the manipulative and parasitic lifestyle; these lead these girls by the nose to follow their impulses like children. When they finally get a dose of reality, these coddled-creatures turn red with rage. For as the great sage, Thomas Sowell stated:

“When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.”



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