Hypergamy: There’s Levels To This Shit

Yes: all women are hypergamous, but not all women are the same. How does the hypergamy express itself? According to illimitablemen.com “the more hypergamous the woman the more likely she is to be a gold digger”

While some only resort to base strategies to secure a mate/resources, such as sex and the security that comes with companionship in exchange for $ and social climbing, not all women do so. Some simply want to yield a child and thus desire to secure optimum genetics. Many a woman I encounter want both of these things, and their “soulmate” is someone who can provide them with both. However, the rarity of this encourages a woman to settle for a good provider of security (stable financially and easily controlled) while pining for the thrills and optimum genetics of another. ¬†Hypergamy is the impetus that urges a woman to yield the best offspring under the best conditions.

Although I often am at the economic level or lower than the women I deal with, they are happy to take the thrills I offer by way of strong genetics, emotional unavailability (aloof) and therefore manhood, and taboo aura. In short, once they get dinner, the go for desert (me).

Here is a short guide to the degrees of hypergamy:

Low Hypergamy:

* Stable masculine presence or father figure, whether from a biological father or uncle/relative.

* Trades up in strength and intelligence.

* Wants a man of ambition and hard working/loyalty like her father (or other masculine force)

* Tradcons, tomboys/daddies girls. Tough but feminine.

Moderate Hypergamy:

* Father or masculine presence either infrequent or ineffective.

* Trades up in resources and mental/physical prowess.

* Provider priority with increased fantasies of alpha traits and bad boys. Will do so once in a relationship.

* Increased likelihood of neurosis

High Hypergamy:

* No father or masculine presence in upbringing.

* Trades up in resources, mainly money, using sex or the promise of sex.

* Alpha fucks/beta bux as a default sexual strategy

* Highly dependent and entitled. Infantile,  narcissistic, and neurotic as a general rule

While hypergamy is a biological factor, the current conditions for the second sex are of relative lawlessness and condone the worst of human nature to rule the roast. This turn of the wheel allows for women to cannibalize themselves and those who associate with them like locusts without contention.

Until the crops are gone,


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