In-group Bias Can Kill You

Mob mentality, crab-bucket mentality, tribal mentality, all these are names of the same psychological dynamic. Let’s explore what we’ve seen the world over, and especially in American politics, as the difference between unwavering support and ostracization and even death.

* The group protects you as long as you adhere to the group. The group forgives so as long as you are faithful to the group and never criticize the group. If you contribute to the group and support the group in public forums (represent your set) then the group loves you. However, when you critique the group or hold the group accountable for things it criticizes in opposing groups, the group gangs up on you. If you try to leave the group, the group is done with you. In Islam, Feminism, BLM, these dynamics are especially true. Opposition can even result in death concerning Islam.

* Black people have an increased degree of this hate for the out-group, even in the more moderate or educated circles. The shooting of a black man by a cop in mid 2016 Baltimore sparked a riot and a “white people witch hunt” where cars were tipped and white people were chased and beaten if seen. Thanks to the blindness of mob mentality, they never considered the fact that the cop who shot the black man was himself black, and the very racism they claimed to combat was the one they used as an “open season on white people.”

* Prior and after the election of Trump, anyone sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat was chastised, harassed, beaten, or shot by the tolerant and non-violent, non-racist Democrats. A child of about 6yrs was left outside by his mother for voting Trump in a mock trial at school. Teachers have been fired for tweeting pro-trump sentiments.

* Being a loner you get to see all the hypocrisy and stupidity from the outskirts. Whenever I journey into groups of people of more than 3 people, I call it “going into town.” I adhere to the general rules that they follow. As long as you do so and don’t change or criticize (which is the same thing) too much about the general rules, you can fly underneath the radar. There’s strength in numbers and for most who feel vulnerable and insecure, any change or criticism of the group feels to them like a personal attack because they derive security from the strength/numbers of the group. “The nail that sticks out gets hammered,” and the gazelle that gets away from the herd gets hunted by predators first, then left by the herd. Not many people are built for the outskirts. Even if you are someone, like me, who feels not fear but free when on your own, you’d be an idiot to ignore the benefits of using camouflage.

Fly under the radar and into power,


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