Less Sex, More Confusion: Why millennials aren’t making babies

* Opposites attract isn’t something that you say in place of a real argument, its biological incentive. To want, or to lack, is to desire.

*The things we envy or lust for are the things that are foreign to us, either in nature or possession.

*The good girl wants the bad boy, the experienced man wants the virginal girl. Opposites attract.

* When looking at woman and man, how much more opposite can you get?

* Personality; body; biology; a chasm of differences longing to be consolidated: usually with sex

* The battle of the sexes has always been, and always will be. However, none of the warring factions win if either truly win, for they are each’s compliment, not contender.

* As Osho put it, “the future is she” and the future is now. Men are more womanly than ever; homosexuality as a minority yet a cultural norm in urban areas, sex changes, and the ever vigilant crusade on Masculinity.

*This crusade has won. Male behavior in boys is deemed “toxic” where as women’s behavior is the gold standard. Men are second-rate women to a degree that dandyism would pale. Women now flood the work force and trumpet “girl power.” They enter into the work force in fields that men have dominated since there was any field to dominate, with the exception of child-birth.

*Child care is still a woman’s field, but child-birth is not. With exceptions for arab nations, the 1st world, particularly China, Japan, and the USA, are not producing children at rate that replaces the generation prior. China even upped it’s limit on children allowed to 2 children per family.

*Blame who you will, but the chasm between the sexes in manner, dress, and physical frame has merged to the point of confusion. Women seem to want it all: career and family, career first, and go into their mid 30s having ambitions, sexually experience, or liberated from the patriarchal oppression, only to find that they have gone past their prime age for:

1. Finding a husband or life partner
2. Bearing children
3. Building a family atmosphere

*Men seem to be more docile and are more inclined to retire from the vigors of the work place and the social game of meet and greet. They attend college less, work less, and marry less. If men dont approach or initiate the courting phase, then dating and marriage and babies dont happen.

*And why should they? With the prevalence of STDs, the alleged “rape culture” that scares the shit out of men, and most importantly, women looking and sounding aggressive and unfeminine, it’s a boner killer of a world to be a man. There’s no lush fruit to desire. Where there used to be pineapples and mangos, there are dry and rough, insecure and volatile turnips. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

*Metrosexual men, masculine women, and no babies. Generation Y Even Bother

Until every man is wearing heels,

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