Marriage is the Endgame: Men vs Women

For a woman, its the touchdown; for a man, its the end of the game itself (no more fun, no more freedom). Here is why.

* A woman who is married gets complacent and lets her looks go:


* A man gets married and get’s miserable and neglected sexually:


* The most recent part of our history, the wedding day has been regarded as “her day” She’s been dreaming about it since she was young and probably has it planned down to the last detail at age 15.

With the family court in it’s current state, it’s definitely a business contract with terms that favor her; Here’s evidence from an educated woman about this very climate of the judicial system concerning the differences in treatment of the sexes:


* Socially and lawfully, a woman leverages pity accustomed to her sex, despite pleas of equality & independence. In the eyes of the community, a man is guilty and seldom innocent:


Do you still want to play the marriage game? It’s rigged; care to place your bets?




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