Neoteny and Females

By definition, neoteny means “the retention of juvenile features in the adult animal.”

Let’s Discuss.

*Women who are without strong father figures usually have negative female figures, and are more inclined to be low-energy, low-incentive, and albeit lazy. They then display the infantile-narcissism that we’ve come to know and loathe. Many of their survival strategies negate a more responsible and adult lifestyle in place of what a child does.

* They whine, scream, out right deny and even plug their ears to any rationale that makes them feel bad or uncomfortable……especially if they are in the wrong.

* Women who are especially lazy and entitled are so passive, that instead of learning how defend themselves from attackers or rapists, they petition the state and society to force and shame men to “stop raping.” Since when has having a civil discussion stopped a criminal? Once a person is pushed to committing a crime, they are past pleading. You can rarely plead with a criminal with sympathy. But if you are so equal to men, then learn how to defend yourself.

*But why would they be adults and abandon neotany when they have the law, their boyfriends, the police, social media and politics, their fellow women for psychological backslapping, random white knights, and even her own malleable psyche and selective memory, to protect her from harm?

She hasn’t. She won’t.

*But if you treat girls like adults and are a Strong Man about it, they will adhere to the biological authority inherent in men who are dominant. If your tell them to grow up, they will. It’s rare that a women will tell her to grow up, unless she herself has chosen a life of personal accountability, but that mostly happens when it’s necessary. In our current climate, that is clearly not the case.

* Feminists/feminist sympathizers resent all that we’ve created and all that we’ve done truly resent the men that were not there for them as little girls. This and other reasons is why Denzel Washington is such a desideratum for them (he’s an Alpha Male father figure who traditionally saves little girls)

*Women get happened upon by life, but rarely ever do they happen to life. Their skin is soft, they tend to be low in physical energy, they consume more resources than they produce, and even their reproductive organ is built to receive!

*Here is some of the victim-vocabulary that they use: “I get______________”

  1. Raped
  2. Harassed


  1. Disrespected
  2. Fucked
  3. Assaulted

*Now where in all the female empowerment movement lecutures, speeches, essays, twitter posts, facebook rants, tumblr memes do they stop giving the power to be the victims and become an adult like the rest of us and protect themselves from harm? When does she stop depending on others for everything?

The answer is when there are no men and there are no authority around. Neotany is one thing but infantile narcissism is the destruction of ALL THAT MEN AND WOMEN hold dear.

Fellas we’ve got to tell them to grow up and we’ve gotta be strong and not give them their way, no matter how their neotany pulls on our heartstrings.



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