Self Hate is Enemy

*Black Lives Matter movement protests the individual killing of criminals by cops in self-defense, but wont even acknowledge that in Chicago alone, black-on-black crime has done the following:

Year to Date (From January 2016-Aug 31 2016) in Chicago

Shot & Killed: 442

Shot & Wounded: 2446

Total Shot: 2888

Total Homicides: 491

*Women claim that all men are predators and sexually harass them constantly, but we know that’s not exactly true. The gamut of us are the ones who defend them from jerks. But here’s an interesting find on which group of people harass women online (you guessed right, it’s other women):

*Oh and White people aren’t exempt from self-hate. It would seem that all the white guilt and talk of white supremacy is not for naught; according to the FBI, white people are making a killing in the market of killing other white people:

How does this relate to Amoral Advice? When the world turns it’s back on you, its difficult not to fulfill that slander by validating the lie for yourself. If the world is against you, who do you confide in but yourself? I’ll tell you who. You confide in your fellow brothers (within reason) and you confide in me. My email is in the profile description.

The world will reap the benefits of your existence, but will never truly give you your just deserts…not like the brotherhood will. Self-hate is the enemy of what it means to be a man, and no one, as seen from the stats above, is immune. Time to start appreciation of self and focusing on what you’ve got to do before you give alms to others.



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