Sorry: Not just an old boardgame

You hear it around you as much as traffic or busy cafe chatter: the word sorry is a definite indicator of insecurity.

Excuses, excuses:

“I’m sorry” is the truncated version of “I can’t be held accountable for my mistakes, because I’m sorry.”

Not everyone is a sniveling little runt who can’t help but trip over themselves and get in the way. There are paragons of hope for this ever-insecure generation.

Personal Accountability:

“I apologize” is what your hear from those who speak from authority. It says “I recognize and seek to recognize the confusion and hurt that my actions have brought, and then correct them so that they never happen again.” Realize that true authority comes from the marriage of experience and knowledge.

Once you start changing your words, you change your mindstate. Of course, having the credentials that your vocabulary denotes is foremost, though it helps a million if it is also first on your “shit to do” list.



Published by Avery

I took my childhood and adult experiences and made it into an entity to learn from. I've helped others steer clear of themselves, and I love to help clients help themselves during our appointments! Set up an appointment at

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