Uh oh, Bonobo: The Dick Shaming Society

*The parallels between the bonobo society and our society are astounding. Effeminate men, pleas of non-violence and hatred of anything reminding us of men (guns are a phallic symbol and also a tool). Not because of it’s the right thing to do, but because the lack of masculine men (Police, Military, Fire Department) society itself is low on testosterone and the physical defense that comes with it. What it lacks in brute force it makes up for in psychological warfare with a slant towards narcissistic self-preservation (virtue-signaling and moral soap-boxing). When women/bonobo-men are backed into a corner with logic alone, they tend to resort to character assassination and shaming tactics instead of counter arguments and civil discussion. This is what Nietzsche meant by women being a “dangerous plaything”


* The bonobo-men or beta males as they are called by the red-pillers and MGTOWs, are more female than male. Their sexual dimorphism is low. They readily label themselves as feminists, they champion female causes at the express expense and chagrin of men, and most importantly, if not anything else, they obey what their female owner’s orders. Ironically, women hate these types of men in regards of not being able to respect them, and therefore love them. In other words; they make useful idiots and disposable pawns.


*Misunderstand me not, platonic relationships and romantic trysts are wonderful, provided that each party is using and respecting each other equally. However, we know that since women are the needier sex, she will take an inch and declare it her mile ( I once had a lover who claimed, after 3 times fucking her, that the left side of the bed was “her” side of the bed) Without a masculine man to say no, she will only hear and see what she wants, for women are creatures of comfort, not creatures of reality.


*The means to defend yourself isn’t exclusively a masculine role, but it falls on the shoulders of men, time and time again, even when the male is simply a male, whether he’s strong and courageous or weak and cowardly. If a group of bonobos were to encounter a group of chimpanzees, the more civilized bonobos would be a civilization no more.


*PC culture (feminine) silences the dialogue that could solve these problems. Aversion to criticism is not an exclusively female dynamic, but airing grievances for the sake of “feeling better” without solving the problem is an indulgent female attitude. Men don’t talk about emotions, we use emotions.


“Force is a weapon of the weak”:


*Women tend to resort to violence to make a point because “force is the weapon of the weak.” Like Hitler or Kim Jong Un, when you have no appeal to logic or no charismatic appeal, you bully. In this gynocentric system, where women have unequally superior rights, we see higher numbers in domestic violence by the so called “gentler sex” Which of course is propaganda. Domestic abuse has always been an evenly gendered issue. At any rate, here is a video of post-feminism women.




Domestic violence against men triples:




Bitter Grapes:


*If you can’t secure commitment via sexual wiles (because you’re unskilled, ugly inside/out) you demonize stereotypes of women conforming to body norms because it’s “oppressive” ; if you don’t get approached by men, you shame men who cat-call; if you can’t get laid, you accuse the society of being a “rape culture.” Seems far-fetched until you see and hear these tie-dyed butterballs screeching about “the patriarchy” in juxtaposition to hot women who have trouble keeping men away, get cat-called worse than anyone, have stalkers and pervy uncles, only have them confess “that’s not all men, those were just jerks” If you can take a dick as well as you do a compliment, you’re an attractive woman.


How do you fight it? Since women’s favorite weapon of choice is her tears and poison, she will try to evoke sympathy and ruin your reputation. Record everything. Here is a prime example:




Thankfully nature is on your side. Women follow power (money, status, and authority) Even me who is lower middle class, I have so much personal power and masculinity, that when I enter into a society, I get leaned on like a pillar. Women and men laugh at my jokes (making someone laugh is a sign of dominance; just compare laughter to submissive body language.) Women often say that they respect me, and often moreso than their husbands and boyfriends whom they torture. I hold frame, I joke, I indulge, but I never tolerate bullshit. Children only act out around those who have no authority, like a weak-willed substitute teacher, and women are the same way. If you wonder why women never initiate things, or ask you for things instead of leading things, this is why. Children crying for guidance need guidance. That’s where we come in.


Whether you’re red pill, MGTOW, or other, be a man and treat them like unruly children and watch them rebel, whine, then concede and defer to the authority that’s been lacking for so long.


Man-up, men


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