Women are Celebrities: Spoiled Brats

The class system that the world operates on for social/political governing is typified by wealth, royal relation, title, and most telling, popularity. With these in tow , you are a celebrity.


*The higher the class, the more you can get away with. Rifle through tabloid scandals of the murder, theft, public misbehaving, the lack of backlash, and you’ll find no shortage of examples to where those abundant resources obviate indictment or personal accountability.


*Celebrities get free things without asking.


*Celebrities get constant media attention.


*Celebrities love having their picture taken.


*Celebrities have people who protect them from harm and avenge them when they are attacked or insulted (real or imagined)


*Celebrities focus on their looks whilst ignoring more self-reflective pursuits.


*Celebrities also switch religions to the more trendy religions so as not to be out of fashion.


*Celebrities marry for security and social power, not love.


*Marriage itself is a business contract to align financial and social resources. The higher class partner not only owns the cards in the game, but who’s lawyer dictates the rules of the game itself. Now which gender is usually afforded this luxury? Whoever organized the wedding and whoever you can worship by law. They will claim it’s love, but why do you get down on one knee other than to kneel before your Queen? When is the last time that you’ve made a business deal that was to be on even footing, but seaked said deal by humbling yourself before the other person? Exactly. Kneel before royalty. Prostrate yourself before your better.


*Celebrities don’t play by the same rules that the average-joes do. Even B/C list celebrities (the ugly ones, the poor ones, the old ones) are cast in a more pedestrian light when compared to the A-listers (the young and the beautiful).


*Celebrities don’t come to you, you come to them. You pay for their presence, be it dinner or outings, or simply at the bar; you pay for their presence not their doings. They charm and entertain but they rarely do anything else.


*Celebrities advocate charities in the same way they benefit from charity; without shame


*Celebrities do not like to have their image tarnished nor their fragile ego insulted. They love luxury: nothing is too good and most is never enough.


*Celebrities are “Stars” that burn bright (from 15 to 26ish) and fade quickly. Rarely is time kind to celebrities, for their 15 minutes of fame is up too soon for them to gain the wisdom to use it wisely.


Nevertheless, we are amazed, amused, and astonished by such creatures. To be truly amazed, treat them like adults and everyday humans and watch the stars descend from the sky. Watch the Queen turn into a human; something they both long for and are afraid of occurring.





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