Women Are Children

For the thin-skinned or the mistaken, I’m not claiming to be right, although I am highly accurate in my analyses of the second sex. As such, here is the next profile of the dangerous plaything.

*They have to be coerced into bed

* When they are in pain, emotionally or physically, they burst into tears when you ask them “are you alright?”

* They sit in your lap

*When they try to argue a point, they end up using circular logic and perjure themselves

*When civil argument fails, they resort to character assassination and double speak

*When they get tired, they get cranky

*Frequently change their mind

*Without a father figure or strong masculine presence in her upbringing, she becomes delinquent and exponentially more likely to commit crimes against humanity, if not the law

*Loud and throws tantrums when doesn’t get their way

*When you are engaged with a task  (watching tv, video games) or another person, will try to win your attention back on them. Ignoring them enrages and attracts them.

*Hates sitting still

*Surprisingly messy and prone to carry many toys or things on their person (see their car, house, and purse)

*its illegal to hit them or discipline them, but it’s fine when they do so to you because you probably deserve it

*loves to play games (dress up, hard to get, etc)

*Likes playing at power until they become responsible

*Needs help dressing and takes FOREVER getting ready (probably got side tracked several time with her favorite toy, her phone)

*They use their cuteness to be taken care of, provided for, protected, but seldom reciprocate when you are as vulnerable.

*When you do show vulnerability, they become afraid because they cant/wont protect themselves

*Have a talent for getting hurt or putting themselves in danger

*Drama is like food to them: if none is ready at home, they’ll cook it up or ask someone to. If that fails, they’ll go out and find it.

*Hate lack of control, but love being led and disciplined

*Are instantly granted sympathy, even when bad.

*They aren’t funny, but have a sense of humor; if you make them laugh, you have sway with them.

*If you provide the thrills, they’ll follow you around in packs.

*Easily scared and often shy. Not courageous, but arrogant. Even scary movies (fiction) terrifies them. Spiders above the bed, reality hits, they run.

*They want the newest toy, not the best toy

*Needy but hate being needed.


Hope this burns,



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