Women of Achievement are Atypically Masculine

A broad and general statement to throw into the ether, but one that I will argue with the following:

*Dark, stoic clothing

*Ponytail or braids (similar to rolling up sleeves to get the hair out of the way for working). To adopt this style in casual or everyday life is to say to the world “I’m ready!” In times of trauma or distress from a lack of masculine attention or just the recent chasm of male presence or  male love, a woman will go one step further and cut her hair short  and compensate for the lack. You’ll see many a single mother or woman who’s been hitting zero cut their hair short and stylish in aims to get ready for war or claim independence to the outside world.

*Tattoos are also an indicator of a more masculine bent to a woman

*A good sense of humor

*One who doesn’t take herself seriously and jokes easily

*When their dominance is ACTUALLY threatened, they turn alpha and assert their position

*Independent and private

*Deep voice

*Won’t hold a grudge, but just avoid the other person after the conflict was dealt with

*A temper that is both volatile and short lived

*Prone to skepticism and doubt ; romantic in gesture, but not in words

*Walks more with the shoulders (Masculinity), less with the hips (femininity)

*Search for things without consulting a reference or table of content or authority. They plunge in.

*Needs to be needed

*Protective of their loved ones

*Not afraid of getting dirty or eating in front of people (less afraid of eating hearty food and being messy)

*Playfully pokes fun at their lovers/friends as a form of affection

* Ninon De Lenclos; Dr. Helen Smith ; Sally Ride; Hedy Lamaar; Dana Loesch; Kathrine Hepburn; Lauren Southern; Coco Chanel; Mae West; Ronda Rousey; Gina Carano; and many others.

Now despite the implications of this list, AWALT and the main difference in these women listed or in the ones displaying these traits in their natural personality is that they are more like us. In that way, they become more work oriented and less inclined to the spoiled-child behavior that women have now become, but certainly not immune. One of mine who struggles to wear bright colors and be lady like (off-roading and rock climbing) tried to blame something on me that I had no stake in. They’ve always been the ones we waged wars to protect or just to get back. But now that our contributions have been demonized, we must continue to take the necessary measures that unjust behavior is met with justice.

Boy and Girl Make the World,


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