Chains Of Suspicion

“….because they consisted of a single species-humans-who were close to each other. But even so, when they were dealt that dead hand, the chain of suspicion emerged……Add to this the vast distances  between them, and you have  chains of suspicion that are practically indestructible” -Cixin Liu, The Dark Forest

* With the unofficial launch of “The Oppression Olympics,” it would seem that each of the world’s ever-increasing divisions are bidding for the top spot of “Most Oppressed”

* These same “minorities” declare superiority during one speech, and discrimination the next. As if anyone or anything is fair with any observable consistency. Laughable. I laugh at you now. Ha!

* Even the oppressed rally to dethrone the ruling class who are entrenched in their gilded halls and vaulted hills, just to about-face and commit the same crimes they criticized. If you are superior to your rulers, if you could do a better job of things, why not create your own instead of trying to usurp from others?

* These alleged “oppressors” suffer from the same afflictions that the bottom does, but at different altitudes and intensities with one exception : they have their competitors and the envious from the ground up launching attacks, as well as coups from within their “trusted” team and friends. How privileged!

* It takes nothing to be poor, even less to stay poor, and a Herculean-will to rise out of the muck. Once ascended,  you find it takes much more to stay at the mountain top than it did to climb…no wonder so few get there and fewer stay. Rather than admit one’s deficiencies, they’d rather dismantle the mountain entirely without building a new one. They’d rather keep everyone equal. You only push for equality of outcome and welfare when you are inferior and don’t want to sacrifice.

* Am I defending people who use political clout and amassed wealth and assets to do more harm than good? No. Do I care? No. Why?

* Because these same victims would become the tyrants of tomorrow if they had a taste of power (Standford Prison Guard Experiment). Nobility and good character are rare qualities of any strata. Hitler and Mao, and various other “evil” leaders from across the globe had “humble beginnings” If history has taught us anything, it is that those who seek power because they know what to do and how to rule better than the current leaders, despite not being versed in the management or administration of power, that are likely reaching for power-changes to force-feed their own ideologies, at the chagrin of all concerned.

In other words, do not be fooled about the widespread piety of “the oppressed” Look at your co-workers: are they all saints or all sinners, or are they a mix of both? As above, so below.




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