Beautiful Problems To Have

* In the world of combat, flexibility and looseness generate more power without telegraphing intent. Observe

* The stress of life’s demands make us rigid and therefore ineffective when attacking life’s problems.

* Now although its naive to think that you can Zen all your problems away, there are some problems that double as a blessing. Learning to take the good with the bad ensures you receive the good. This post is how to grasp loose blades by the hilt that is seemingly unavailable.

* Having an addictive personality in a world of short attention spans can be channeled into being devoted to something more productive. When others get side tracked, you can stay the course due to your “all or nothing” mentality.

* Someone who is aloof and unnatural when warm feelings and compassion are called for can work in high stress, high conflict arenas and thrive. For instance, my “inner fire” is a furnace that during NYC summers renders me miserable. Though my mental coldness lets it roll off like oil and water, I would rather be in my most comfortable temperatures (10*- 50*F).

* Being comfortable where others are miserable is the most beautiful problem to have. Isolation, dysfunction, and loss come as a price, but you still get the advantage you pay for. In no way am I glorifying disorders or shouting GLORY! for neurosis, but while you have something that is within you, you might as well use it.

* Some would rather get rid of anger, but that emotion is an elevated form of energy that should be channeled, not dismissed. An excess of money can be invested and with the same insight as to where to invest it wisely. Money saved may be money earned, but money invested wisely is money expounded. Switch out money for emotions, time, and you have a recipe for happiness.

* Fire on your clothes or on the drapes is a tragedy, but fire in the fireplace, stove, kiln, is a gift. Fire can be destroyer or life-giver, but it is up to the wielder to decide where.

If all problems can be boiled down to one aspect or element, it is the misinformed or irresponsible uses of available resources (intangible or incarnate).





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