Jade Gate: Gatekeeper Of Life


“ To yield to the impetuosity of an inclination, to be
annihilated, so to speak, in the object loved, is the method of a woman
without discernment. That is not love, it is a liking for a moment; it is to
transform a lover into a spoiled child…

Now, for my last word: In everything relating to the force and
energy of love, women should be the sovereigns; it is from them we
hope for happiness, and they will never fail to grant us that as soon as
they can govern our hearts with intelligence, moderate their own
inclinations, and maintain their own authority, without compromising it
and without abusing it.



* In the game of sex (procreation), women are the referees. Slut-shaming is the best way to ensure that not only does your man’s time, resources, protection, and attention stay devoted to you, but that the community into which your offspring enters and that your family participate in, does not turn degenerate. If women deny the promiscuous impulses in themselves (hypergamy) and in the men that approach or are around (hypergamy), monogamy reigns supreme. Men love sluts, but they don’t commit to them. If sluts gain political and social value, society crumbles. If the women shame them, then their political and social power remains stunted.


* We defy death with our life’s work: whether that be children, a company, an invention, art, or maybe just blood spilled in war to protect the community. We as men need a legacy and it is fostered in the body of woman. Her womb bears our seed and she even takes our name in marriage vows, all so that our legacy is passed down to the next generation. She alone, especially now, determines who’s legacy passes on.


* Abortions of the child, giving the child up for adoption, giving the child to the fire-department, or simply denial of sex entirely, are the tools of Nature’s Gatekeeper of Life. Men do not have that luxury because they are approaching the gate to gain entrance. Women demand high prices for admittance for long-term applicants or good-guys, but admit men that do the gates no justice for free, and so the value of the woman goes down. If women were banks, no one would invest their money or time in them with confidence because they’ve been robbed so much; if they were a lock, they’d be a lock that opens to any key. One that requires a master key is a master lock, but a lock that opens it’s legs quickly and often isn’t a lock at all, hence the high rate of illegitimacy.


* Under these wanton conditions, you promote genetics and social attitudes that are without virtue or discipline, and society indulges to the point of self-destruction and degeneracy, vulnerable and awaiting for more capable hands to hold the reigns. In the west, this is exactly what has happened: the slut has replaced the mother, the state has replaced the father, and vices have replaced virtue.


Women have one office of exclusive authority: the path to the future generation, and they gave it up for thrills and being equal to men; apples to oranges. They let in the wolves and the world has deteriorated to a world of sin.




Published by Avery

I took my childhood and adult experiences and made it into an entity to learn from. I've helped others steer clear of themselves, and I love to help clients help themselves during our appointments! Set up an appointment at xyadvice@gmail.com

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