Something is Rotten in Denmark

In the era when women knew their role and it’s importance, they were incredibly sexist: they didn’t wanna be a man because they were secure in their individual attributes and how it complemented the whole; competition between the sexes was like comparing sniper-rifles to shotguns.

While my other post [Jade Gate] was about a woman’s position in the genetic game, this post will address the woman’s role in danger assessment that benefits her kids and her warrior.

* Women have a 6th sense for danger and are two-times better at reading body language than men. Coupled with being more nervous and jumpy than men, they tend to read potential risks quicker. If they do read them more incorrectly, it is because they read them more often and produce a greater margin for error.

Men, though we deal with the danger, we don’t always pick up on the more nuanced cues of impending violence.

* We all know that women tend to read between the lines and infer things, true or unfounded, to the point of paranoia. But as stated above, that is a survival instinct. If you should be wrong and it really was the wind, then it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Men, however, tend to take things as they are. We poeticize, but we don’t obsess as much as the women folk. We can compartmentalize and move on.

* Women’s sense of smell and color is superior, as well as their knack for remembering names, dates, and times. Gathering intel or gossiping with her girlfriends about who said what, and who is dating who, who got a job where and moved when, etc, all play their vital role in keeping the community safe, and her warrior well-informed. Normal state colors of a person or object shift ever so slightly, and the small degree that men don’t see could be the difference between someone sick getting you sick or someone anxious and angry ready to explode against the nearest person.

Men tend to wear more neutral colors and don’t care too much for aroma’s to the degree that women do.

* Women’s eye sight is more of a peripheral vision, whereas men tend to send lasers at everything they view. Covering a warrior’s flank and watching his blind spot is key in defense and conflict avoidance.

* Since women are better liars, they are better at decoding deception than men who tend to use brute force, aka martial arts, which is the “art of expressing yourself honestly” according to Bruce Lee.

My information on the sexual differences in body language and the general dynamics above were informed by Allen & Barbra Peese’s book, “The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Hidden Meaning Behind People’s Gestures and Expressions.



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