Amoral Adages X

* Devils and Gods ignore what is too lowly to consider, no matter who it comes from.

* When you wage war on yourself, everyone is an enemy.

* Breaking etiquette begets honesty…..isolation or respect surely follow.

* Sympathy is based on lack of envy.

* If you devour your tasks and duties, your grievances die without the requisite attention.

* Most people are lackluster: shine by making them feel brilliant.

* Head of the snake or the shadow-puppet: who are you attacking?

* The world loves a lover because a lover gets what sacrifice, dignity, and acceptance do for the beloved.

* Fear and lust in women are indistinguishable.

* Some questions you can only answer in battle.

* When you take authority by force, you may have to give it back; when they give you the power…..oh how sweet it is.

* When and if they don’t like you, embrace the things they like and watch their world crumble.

* We are creatures of culture disguised as creatures of skin-color.

* To an Apex-predator there is no pair bonding: You are either food or function.

* If a woman approaches you, she’s usually selling something:

A. Her body

B. Wants you to do a favor (for free)

C. A product

* I know why the caged bird sings….because freedom for some is hell. Slavery and servitude is a steady and sure pulse, requiring no risk.

* The populace is so willfully ignorant and committed to despair that their favorite enemy is Lucifer, the light bearer, and The Illuminati.



Published by Avery

Advisor. Daemon who dissects. Dark horse. Light-bringer.

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