Sweet The Sting

“Love dies of indigestion, but never starvation”  ~Ninon De L’enclos

Water after a long trek feels heavenly; A return of fair weather makes people happier after a season of either extreme or chaotic weather. The following discusses how pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin, and that when pleasure comes least and last, it yields the best results.

* Sado-Masochism isn’t a fetish, it’s life.

* Make-up sex is some of the best sex; when things get boring, women instigate little arguments to stir up the dust that has settled.

* Men on the other hand leave women as quick as that woman had sex with him.

* Men routinely play video games for hours that provide constant rejection and varied resistances just to obtain a handful of victories. The more difficult the game, the more proud the victory. The more plentiful the tasks, the more invested the gamer.

* Women chase, drool, and get pregnant by men who are exciting and dangerous, and often no good for them long-term. This doesn’t stop them, of course, for the high-level of suffering also increases the level of pleasure (fear and lust are indistinguishable in women); Stockholm Syndrome is a phenomenon exclusive to women.

* Runner’s High ; Survivor’s Guilt ; Altruism; all are components of human’s masochistic nature. You won’t hear of a person brag about the things they successfully did as often as you will hear them harp on their defeats and problems….as if they enjoyed the pain!

* To be successful with anyone in a long and arduous manner, you must either provide pleasure that soothes an active or harbored pain, or, you must simulate a pain that isn’t currently felt so that you can also provide the relief.

* “Your life is on loan through an abuser. It is through him or her that you thrive, struggle, hope, and fear. In love, you can endure a thousand lossess for a single, shimmering penny that proves you’ve won something.”Amanda Domuracki

* Without pain, pleasure is anti-climatic. Imagine playing Tag! or Hide & Seek and no one runs or hides! The sadistic nature of people is sweeter to them after you have offended them and they are afforded the opportunity to get revenge (one of the sweetest stings nature can provide). Psychopaths use this tactic. It’s called trauma bonding. If you show the other person they have an equal affect on you, that their arrows hit you too, it’s no longer an abusive relationship, but a passionate relationship.

In closing, know that pain is pleasure and we all like a good fight. Fight fair and your opponent will enjoy the sparring. But if you are too powerful to fight with, they will enjoy your demise more than they will enjoy the volley of slurs and blows.



Published by Avery

I took my childhood and adult experiences and made it into an entity to learn from. I've helped others steer clear of themselves, and I love to help clients help themselves during our appointments! Set up an appointment at xyadvice@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Sweet The Sting

  1. Great post.

    People talk about wanting to end suffering. If they were honest (maybe too honest?), they would talk about ending their desire for suffering…


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