Darkness Does

“Yesterday the wisest man holding a lit lantern in daylight was searching around town saying

‘I am tired of all these beasts and brutes; I seek a true human’ ” 

Rumi, in Divani Shams Ghazal #441, translated by Nader Khalili in Rumi, Fountain of Fire


“Darkness holds the unknown” they say; “Stare long enough into the abyss and it stares back,” they warn. What is it about the darkness that creates fear and breeds caution in the most courageous? It is truth in the flesh.

Just that simple. In the opening quote, the light allows everything to be seen and gives off the appearance of the truth being “plain as day” “What you see is what you get.”

Darkness, however, does not give that courtesy.

1.  The optical tricks your mind plays can make shadows seem like monsters.

2. Your mind projects things onto the blank slate, and you often see things about your self more than you do of what is realistically there.

3. In order to find out what is and what isn’t, you have to engage, because you cannot rely on your eyes to tell you from a safe distance, you must get close enough to be harmed or exposed.

4. Darkness forces one to touch, feel, experience, and be vulnerable. Darkness has infinite potential and hence the sensation of danger and threat. Shadows are questions that ask you, to the core; where am I, what is out there, am I brave enough to face it, am I strong enough to win, am I alone? And if I am not alone, who is out there?

In darkness, there are the questions and most disturbing is the fact that, whether you like the answer or not, soon enough, you’ll be answered. It is in the pursuit of knowledge, truth irrespective of belief, faith, or opinion, that you venture down the rabbit hole. Within the darkness does the light of truth wait for those strong and valiant few.



Published by Avery

I took my childhood and adult experiences and made it into an entity to learn from. I've helped others steer clear of themselves, and I love to help clients help themselves during our appointments! Set up an appointment at xyadvice@gmail.com

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