Beggar’s Dozen

When a cup cannot be found, use your own hands. ~ Kimmuriel


* Much like those of us who use quotations of the famous to drive a point home, the revolutions and civil movements of yesteryear are used as validation for the tyranny and entitled demands of today. Neither injustice nor compassion drive the new wave of activism as often as envy and laziness. Price’s Law: Most people don’t do shit


* The grievances and failures of today are used as proof that yesterday’s fight is far from over, even when the causes of wealth disparity and social/political isolation have changed, and the prior generations of “marginalized” or oppressed groups were smarter, healthier, and more ambitious than the current afflicted.

For example:

Blacks: Slavery vs. Welfare

Rich People Loss of Wealth: 70% by 2nd Generation & 90% by 3rd Generation

80% of millionaires are 1st Generation


* Racism, sexism, and any other ism in the book, that may have been true before, are now but hollow excuses and cheap tricks to get a position of power, most ironically, by claiming that one is powerless.


* Power is earned and kept, not given out as alms every morning. Very few attain or seek positions of higher responsibility, and even more so, those in the “worker” position reflexively rebel against authority. The authority is the parent, and the workers are the children. It is the parent’s job to withstand the worker’s teenage-like angst even though the workers do the most simple work with the least amount of risk. If you wonder why CEOs get paid such high and unfair amounts of money, it is because they put up with an uneven amount of demands on their time and emotions from every tier and every side, at all times of the day.  Sympathy From The Devil


* If you are being rejected for reasons other than your lack of talent, lack of work ethic, shitty behavior, why would you waste your time crying about their preference and/or lack of morals? Move the fuck on to someone who needs and wants you; go where you are celebrated! Is it noble to cry about rejection from people or groups who don’t want you based on things you can’t control, or is it childish and petty? You act like this.


You get what you earn, and you earn what you produce.





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