A Story of Complements

Let the world tell it, man and woman are better off apart from each other until they die alone. All women are crazy and all men are worthless. If this were so, no society would prosper.

The following is the sacred dance of yin and yang, heaven and earth, man and woman, in their healthy archetypes.

* Man with his superior strength, mass, and energy protects woman from other males.

The holding of hands is a tell tell signal of how dominant he is in the relationship (he will hold her weapon hand, typically the right hand since most people are right-handed with his shield hand [left hand] ready to push her away from the threat and have his weapon-hand [dominant-hand] free in case an attack occurs.) An asshole won’t try anything with a strong man around. And if he does, he’ll go to him while she has time to escape or hide.

* He protects her from her own psyche.

Men have the handy ability to separate their emotions from ongoing tasks, if not using those emotions to aide in their completion. Much time and energy gets lost in talking about your feelings. Men are funny and laughter cures much. Soldiers use both humor and muscle to combat inner demons and their opponent. By keeping it light and efficient, men help women cool off and become less waif-like and more solid and confident. With a strong man in her life, she becomes more resilient and ironically, more feminine.

* Woman protects man from his doubts about his sufficiency and calls him to action. 

He always needs to prove himself and sacrifice in order to feel worthy (protect & provide) and a woman’s willing reception (of semen, of gifts, and of deeds) makes him feel needed and appreciated. With her inclination for negative emotions (fear, worry, anger, jealousy) she facilitates a million things needing fixing (car, leaky faucet, her emotions, etc), and therefore, a million opportunities to prove himself to her and to himself. Her soft skin and sweet perfume; her light gait and her lilting laughter; her tendency to revel in creature comforts (brunch, snacks, sweets) make her company an oasis.

* Woman protects man from the harsh critique of society as he makes his way higher on the ladder.

A woman makes a man seem trustworthy, like a dog on a leash. Without the woman, the dog is automatically assumed to be a threat. With a woman at your side, you are vouched for. They’re like the blue check on twitter. A man’s most vulnerable spot is his reputation, and this is how she complements him socially.

Women are natural PR spin doctors:

  1. “Remember my birthday, but never my age”
  2. “Never tell a woman she is fat…tell her she is healthy or voluptuous.”

As women are more cunning than men and generally receive the pussy-pass, they can use the sympathy they garner to assist the man in cultivating a more “refined” public image. 

“My boyfriend isn’t aggressive, he’s passionate and driven. Spend a little time with him and you’ll see he’s not the devil he is painted to be”

Kellyanne Conway anyone?



Published by Avery

I took my childhood and adult experiences and made it into an entity to learn from. I've helped others steer clear of themselves, and I love to help clients help themselves during our appointments! Set up an appointment at xyadvice@gmail.com

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