DoubleSpeak: Note The Narrative

“If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life.”

~Henry David Thoreau


Whenever someone claims “peace” or “tolerance” I usually lean towards skepticism. Attitudes such as love and acceptance are earned and cultivated, not given like smiles from a salesman. The following is how I separate the wheat from the chaff, the sizzle from the steak, the bull from the bullshit.


1. Isolate the buzzwords used in their narrative and cut them in 1/2 by prefix and suffix.

2. Consider their etymology and refer back to the word’s usage throughout public and private spheres.

3. Check for discrepancies.

Example: Feminism is about the equality of the sexes.

Step 1. Femin + ism

Step 2. Several waves, starting in 1848 to promote the equality of WOMEN (feminine) to men and their right to vote, 1963’s Equal Pay Act, and since the 1990s, it has been focused on getting rid of stigmas regarding sexuality. For example, when a women is a slut she is shamed and when a man is a slut he is applauded; that men can be feminine and should embrace their softer side without shame.

Yet in private conversations, feminists are equated with neon-colored (aposematism), bitter, pushy, washed-up, and desperate women with psychological issues, who don’t speak for the whole of women, but instead, act as a “refuge of women’s sexual failure.” Most women who outright declare feminism are either unattractive or unwanted (bull dykes, fatties, or in their mid 30s and upwards)

When men’s rights are brought up, domestic violence for instance: they laugh (1) and applaud (2)

Step 3. Feminism isn’t about the equality of the sexes, for that is egalitarianism. Feminism, therefore, is double-speak for a bait and switch; a fascist power grab (Anyone who criticizes feminism is obviously a bigot and a sexist.) Some women have been saying this very thing. Watch: Libel not Liberty

* War On Drugs; War On Poverty; War On Women; War On Terror: After each is administered, it seems that each enemy in the war rises in both power and popularity. 

Avoid many wolves in sheep’s clothing who proclaim themselves as innocent girls and good-guys alike. Either their words match their actions, or someone is about to be exploited.



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