Amoral Adages XI

* Pick your poison, not your destruction.


* If my demons play well with your demons, and can fight well with each other, the rest is easy.


* Cheaters never prosper: says the cheaters to stop the competition.


* Choose your battles wisely: you absorb your opponent more than you’d like to admit. Intense conflict creates psychological fusion.


* Psychologists and the like embody Chiron (the wounded healer) – The infirm caring for the infirm is the only way: tribal pride vs. benevolent condescension. FEMA in New Orleans vs. Private Citizens.


* You may think you promote non-violence, but if you see a roach, do you crush it? Do you hire a feline to control a mouse population?


* It takes a village to raise a child and government subsidies to ruin a family.


* Thots act pure and say “I don’t want you to think I’m a ho” the same way serial killers and human traffickers feign intention. (i.e, venus flytrap)


* Don’t give your enemies tools to destroy, give them freedom so that they destroy themselves.


* For women, smiling men have the same signal strength as other women. “Cheesing” is a primates way of signaling submission.


* They’ll leave to where the grass is greener and find people who have skeletons in their closet and passive-aggression for dinner.


* When something becomes intuitive, after time and experience, it is a sin to think.


* Dried blood now begets no blood later.


* Bullies don’t want nuance until they get caught and plead innocence. Black and blue is their color-spectrum.


* Humans forget their principles to obsess on their afflictions, and wonder why the past repeats itself and the future remains elusive.


* It’s never who is right or wrong, but who is more effective. Virtue does’t win wars, it declares them


* At what point do slaves resist? When you try to free them. When do addicts relapse? When they try to get clean


* Listen with your whole body


* Speech is free until someone disagrees or gets criticized: then the prices for you and your tribe inflate.


* The populace ignore the facts when they get their feels and their “righteous indignation”


* Protest enough, complain too much. Do enough, earn too much. Tears or spears: choose.


* With old age, we cease to explore the future ; we become tired, stubborn, and even worse, nostalgic.


* Most polar opposites live in different rooms of the same house. They think of themselves in isolated terms, but outsiders see them as one.


* Would you ask a vulture where the water is?


* Lotus-eaters don’t want to leave Las Vegas; they willfully waste away with each morsel of circular decadence.


* Ask the right questions of the right people, you get the best answers.


* Stupidity is for the young, but old habits die with age, if not young and reckless ferocity


* Who can resist the siren call of one’s vanity emitted from a distant and foreign shore? It can be a place, person, or thing.


* Is your enemy your enemy or the part of you that is shameful and alive within another person? Is that why you fight them beyond reason, because THAT is the reason?


* Justice and Mercy is balance. Tolerance and social justice are bigotry.


* Any given tribe that is envied and slandered, imitated, is doing something right.


* The things people hide behind smiles and lowered eyes


* Accolades can be bought, but reputation is priceless.


* Family values = humanity. Look at how families are ruled and look at society. Direct causation.


* When strong men roar, weak men calculate how to silence their voice


* The State is a 3 Headed Hydra: Women, Children, and the men that protect and provide for them.


* Someone told me that when you enter into a long-term relationship, you dont have to keep on your p’s and q’s visually. Ask Tantalus.


* People need to fear the wilderness so that they remain orderly. If not, they turn into something worse than barbaric: apathetic


* Your life is a business that serves life itself: accordingly the highest costs to you will be marketing and labor (most are lacking in both)


* If you air someone’s dirty laundry, you’d better be dirty, too.


* Soul, sol (sun in spanish) : life giver, energy, heat, movement, fusion, light…..get it?


* Greed is all you need……the greed of others and supply what they demand.


* The populace will always invest in their own destruction: is it far-fetched at how they marvel, envy, and loathe those that dont?


* We worship what is larger than life, or in general, superior; we hate and disdain that which apologizes for and justifies greatness.


* God is biology


* Technology or complication?











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