Tyranny of The Weak

“They fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer” -Nas

* Like apathy to love/hate, envy denies sympathy. The Tyranny of the Weak attacks anything smarter, stronger, more beautiful, more talented, or more wealthy.

* These are the zealots who, in their most pious and restful state, will say “we’re all the same;” such a passive way to deny excellence, such a clever way to evade scrutiny.

* If a lion is scared or sick, people don’t see a sick and scared animal, they see a lion. Witch hunters and post-modernists alike, chant with unthinking fervor, that “the oppressed cannot be the oppressors,” justifying any subsequent violence and crime.

* Should you fall from your lofty status, you take on an aura of pitiful mortal, as the contrast between your former height and your current social/economic position is dissonant. Imagine the shock and disdain if your favorite celebrity got fat, lost their money, and started working for McDonalds. Disgust quickly registers without remorse, but sympathy remains absent. 

* When celebrities are in the tabloids due to health issues or divorce, ¬†their fans will weep and offer up prayers and get well soon cards by the truckload, but their detractors will only say “he’s rich ” or “People like that don’t have real problems,” despite having no privacy and being the subject to intense scrutiny and perfection in all matters expected of you, with multi-million dollar pressure attached to your work and relationships.

* When you express your former issues or current suffering, you won’t be coddled or even believed. “Its lonely at the top,” they say, and for these reasons alone, they are right as rain. The most difficult thing to manage when you are stronger, smarter, more talented, or more rich than others, is that no one will cry for you. When you inspire their envy, they assume you a deity deserving either worship or mockery, but not kindness, and never both.

* Should you be clumsy with words, you are labeled “honest,” yet if you are a smooth talker, you are considered “slimy” and having a “forked tongue.” Should you pull yourself away from a destructive neighborhood or group and come back to reveal a more refined and productive you, you become “uppity” or “too good for where you came from.”

* At each stage or level of the game we call life, excellence, achievement, beauty, strength, make you a target for those that lack, to blame for their woes and failure.

If God did exist, we banded up and killed him because he was too high and mighty.


Published by Avery

Advisor. Daemon who dissects. Dark horse. Light-bringer.

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