After wars are fought, enemies dealt with, and danger fades into a distant memory, the nation and respective tribes settle into democracy and socialism. The wars waged and violence leaves a bitter taste in the people’s mouth, and while warmongering may still occur, it will transform into more intangible or “cold” warfare, while the population attempts to replenish it’s losses from said war and competition is pushed aside for equality of outcome.

Gynocentricism is demonizing the very tools that brought victory in war, the weapons and the warriors who used them, so that the weak men and the widowed women are given social and economic head-starts.  They are given incentives and nods of approval and their life made easier, absent the masculine that went to war or guarded the perimeter to protect them and provide for them, in the first place. (Jordan B. Peterson says)

Gynocentrism is:

1. A gazelle rearing a lion as it’s child. The gazelle has no idea how to raise a lion cub to become a mature lion. In fact, even if it did, it would be in the self-preservation of the gazelle to hide that knowledge and teach the beast more passive ways, ways of the gazelle. You’d say that being a lion is “barbaric and unfair” or “only brutes compete. Its uncivil and a thing of the past. We gazelles are superior and you should abide by our standards.” Metaphorically speaking, lions are those violent enough, confident enough, proud enough, to question authority and challenge narratives. You see why blacklisting masculinity and it’s implied outspoken manner is the top priority. In such a gynocentric world, “if you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

2. The apex predator consumes the prey, the prey consumes wildlife from the habitat. If there is no predator, the consumer gazelle destroys the plantlife unchecked, which kills 1000s of wildlife and plantlife. (One Wolf Alters A River Video)

3. To allow predators the natural prestige they deserve for their hunting and competitive instincts, is to allow life to be violent, stable, and productive. The predators not only keep other predators in check, via competition and battle, but they produce more predators. It becomes a vicious cycle to be sure, but it maintains the vivacity of the on goings of everything in the food chain. Death is peaceful; Life is animated, colorful, vicious, and ruthless.

Gynocentrism is the infirm and the low-ranking contenders getting the pen and paper of rule-book and history.




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