Amoral Adages XII

* Is that your friend or the person who you use to keep loneliness at bay?

* Envy is like a roach: no one admits they have it and the more you try to kill it, the more it persists. The only way to get rid of it is to be excellent yourself.

* To apologize for your virtues and talents is a sin, but to be slain because of them is a tragedy. Sheath your metaphorical “knives”

* Look at the road beneath your feet and at the road ahead.

* I inspire myself, whereas most folk are ashamed of themselves. Choose things and people that you can be proud of.

* With people that you want to avoid, full court press them with attention and conversation. Your absence won’t be suspicious, but a relief.

* Be sweet enough so that they take the bait, but sour enough that they stay away.

* Inhale, observe, attack.

Jab, observe, attack.

Hypothesis, experiment, conclude.

* If it cannot be burned to the ground easily, it can be stood upon with confidence. Sidewalks and philosophies.

* They make noise because they seldom make anything.

* Everyday is judgement day you dumb slut

* Forgive your enemies when they are still useful. Never forget.

* Understanding and using are two different worlds. Take drug users vs. drug abusers

* Weeds happen when you are not a constant gardener.

* Have faith after your hypothesis and experiment.

* These citizens have been giving their sun and soul away for decades, then complain about the darkness.

* Everything sounds prophetic when it’s self-serving.

* You may not be a theist, but everyone is religious

* Saying no gets the pussy wet.

* Every woman is an actress, looking for the right director.




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