* Rejection is something that men are used to, and which forces them to be confident, grateful, humble, patient, and respectful, while in the pursuit of the coochie.

* Rejection is also something that puts women in the privileged position of saying no, forging an ego that is above reproach,  being the one that does the reproaching.

A Video to Verify

Rejection: Girls vs. Guys

* The coochie-coupon is the amount of time you are allowed to passively reject a woman’s interest after she has put the offer on the table. The longest limbo phase I’ve seen was seven consecutive encounters.

* After this time frame, which can be shorter depending on her directness, (calling for a more direct and quick response), the coochie-coupon is no longer valid. The tempting tigress becomes a cat with her hackles raised should you try to cash it out.

* Many a man has witnessed this 180* and been confused. His outlook, though often naive, is not nearly as visceral, having been in the trenches of love and at the mercy of it’s cruelty. His female counterpart never pursues, so is never rejected. This spares the rod and spoils the child into a petty tyrant.

* If you say no to a girl, you MUST be gay. Her ego comes to no other conclusion, lest the fears lurking underneath conquer her. As Lysander Spooner suggests, “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” They will offer the sour grapes to their friends and their family, to you as well; “I never wanted you anyway” or even “you’d be lucky to be with a girl like me.” But it will rarely be an introspective journey into herself.

* Should you validate the coupon, you will be given the tour of the store and then allowed to enjoy all it’s amenities. Even down the road, and should you be separated, she’ll keep you as friends on facebook or instagram to keep tabs on you, for once the coochie-coupon is validated the first time, it can be redeemed. When either of you, or both, are seeing other people, it is still valid. If you have good kung-fu in the bedroom and were fun, you are the romanticized ‘one who got away.’

“I thought about you. Since you’re in town, it would be good to catch up.”

A great man once said “soccer has a goalie, but you can still score”




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