Devils & Gods

* The need for man to have evil and good neatly organized, labeled, is a survival tactic. Although there is obvious expediency to having life’s chaos put into clear-cut patterns, it is a double-edged sword that often backfires.

* Our inability/lack of desire to master the animal self makes us publicly persecute what we privately pursue. Hence why the War on Drugs and War on Terrorism in the USA has led to an exponential increase in those very targeted areas. These do-gooder notions are not faithful to the US, but a blade by another name cuts just the same. Since the US is my homeland and the loudest kid on the playground, I will use these two “Wars” as a glaring example.

* The sanctity of the catholic church almost corners the market in pedophilia, if not reward it. Anti-fascists (Antifa) are fascists themselves. The man who is all smiles and kindness harbors a dark and hot temper. The man who claims to have “no ego” is hell bent on centering the world around himself. The girl who is always scared that you will cheat is the promiscuous one.

* We’ve been warned of this overly effusive act by Shakespeare when he wrote “the lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  Such is the nature of man when trying to bury secrets: it turns into a mound.

* Devils and Gods are often one person. The only difference is the time of day. You can go on holy crusades and shout that your tribe or gang is the victim and shout you will, for the victim card is a card granting diplomatic immunity and social power. You will feel the temptation to paint anything that isn’t you at the scene of the crime as the culprit (spite), but rarely will you fess up the evils you do without blinking (shame and self-righteousness). These evils are not nearly as offensive. Not to you. But “evils ” they are and the cycle continues in a blame game with no end and no morals to the story.

* This does no harm, for there are no morals so as long as you win. Then, all your vices turn into virtues. Your evils were cunning strategies, and your enemy was done in by his lack of creativity. The world will see it how you paint it, and will envy you for your success, and therefore, justify and validate your methods due to your place in the pantheon as victor.

* Depending on the circumstances, these Devils and Gods are either blatant or they are hidden, but they are never suppressed. In the healthiest fashion, they are tools that are honed so, should the situation arise when you have exhausted all manner of nobility, you may do your dirt quickly and viciously, and then clean your hands of the mess.

Heaven is in knowing that you can get the job done in any weather.




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