Women Are Antennas

* Women are Instinctual. If it makes them feel, then it’s valid. If not, they move on without a fuss. Would you have any qualms when most males and most females give your sexual strategies the green light? Sluts and those who abort children on a whim are championed as free women, regardless of the unborn’s right to life or the father’s desire to keep it.

* Charisma and personal power emit hypnotic and overwhelming wavelengths that tell the woman how to react, whether it is in her own best interest or yours. Hence why women are so vulnerable to marketing and the publicized “latest trend” and the money shows it. [Proof]

* Bad boys have high energy and testosterone, which emits the pheromones that say “I get girls.” They are daring and often reckless, with that troubled “I don’t care” look, which makes other men invisible. Like a heat signature, the stronger the energy, whether it is inspired by fear or popularity, it shows up the same. When she says “he’s so HOT” she is referring to this.

* Soyboys, however, emit little to no power/heat, and if they somehow show up on her radar, it is as another woman, but without the jealousy. Since women care about how much and how many passions you make them feel, soyboys are ignored. When soyboys show their sexuality, they come across as creepy and slimy, like a slug; neither hypnotic, nor enthralling. A wet noodle rather than a pillar of strength. They’re right. Male-feminism is a underhanded sexual strategy, and women can sense the dishonesty. They sense it, and they exploit it.

* Being mother nature’s agent, women are conditioned to suss out who is a provider/protector of children, and who can contribute good genetics. This is an idea that I spoke on in [Jade Gate]. You can have the superior genetics of the Alpha, and the sustainable resources and reliable-attention of the beta. This is similar to the hedge-sparrow’s strategy [HERE] and female lions, who are fine with their men and children being murdered, because they get the attention, children, and company, of the winner.

* The human female’s modus operandi is a combo of these pragmatic and calculating tactics, especially in heavily populated areas (in line with Democratic geography and legislation), where you don’t have to discern or compete. It’s sexual-welfare. Since there is no perfect male/female, a dualistic strategy is opted when a pluralistic person is at the helm. Hence AF/BB.

* You can see, that if women are indeed like antennas, highly attuned to signals and energy, then giving them attention is giving them validation. Nothing new. However, to starve a woman of attention, much like an antenna, is to render her useless. She has no purpose other than taking the information (DNA, verbal, emotional) that is given to her and processing it. Without a family, without a man in her life, without the constant swirl of energy that needs processing (women score higher in conscientiousness in Big 5), she is nothing. Hence the soaring depression and anxiety of modern women. The heat/energy (men) has not only gone down, but gone away. She has no potential to fulfill her duty or exert her biological monopoly. Her world goes cold and cruel.



Published by Avery

I took my childhood and adult experiences and made it into an entity to learn from. I've helped others steer clear of themselves, and I love to help clients help themselves during our appointments! Set up an appointment at xyadvice@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Women Are Antennas

      1. I don’t know, but it just seems like you’re really on to something, and I bet you’ve got a lot of things you could share. Either way, I love this post!


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