White Guilt vs. Black Innocence

This is a take on The Superiority Complex of Whites vs. The Inferiority Complex of Blacks. 

* One thinks he’s still a slave master and treats blacks with benevolent condescension and effusive charity, the other thinks he’s still a slave, treating white people as an authority and provider of approval, never thinking to do for himself, like a child. [Insert memory of the movie “Baby Boy”]

* Cultural appropriation indicates a respect for another, if not a use of another’s strength to bolster one’s weakness. Whether respect is had by the appropriator or not, it does show that the other party has something of value.

* With white-people in the pivotal positions that are in the public eye, you get a literal black and white picture: blacks are poor and oppressed because of white privilege; whites perform better and are treated better because of white privilege. Either schema leaves no room for black accountability for destructive habits and failing strategies, and therefore, there is no room for black success or self esteem.

* To deny racism or the privileges afforded is a fool’s errand. Each race has stereotypes and preconceptions that are flattering and ones that are malefic. But, like a sea captain during a storm or a warrior in war, he knows that he cannot control all things and that all things cannot control him. He knows that by creating his own luck and avoiding the reef that he is more likely to triumph over the impossible.

Some wear coats and use umbrellas; some wear no protection and embrace the gift of the rain to the crops he will eat; most are bums that curse the sky for ruining their sleep.



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3 thoughts on “White Guilt vs. Black Innocence

  1. Another good post. I particularly agree with the last point. The thing about condescending whites thinking they are slave masters, though.. Gotta disagree there. Always some exceptions, but hardly true of the average white person. The sort of whites who give that impression in truth treat everyone with less wealth than them as inferior, regardless of race. At least that’s been my experience. I can’t speak for the way blacks feel, or their perceptions, any more than they can speak for how whites feel. All an outsider can do is observe and try to understand.


    1. Yes. A condescending asshole is just that, agreed. White guilt is what I wanted to single out, as well as the dindu nuffins. There are more people that are harmed than helped by the subject of the post/title.

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