Amoral Adages XIII

* There is war, and the preparation for war. Few grasp how lasting the effects of war are, yet live in the ruins and smoke of the best intentions.

* Some talk of progress as an ascending thing, yet all things of potency get deeper.

* Broken people break people.

* The weak ones, male or female, chirp the loudest.

* When you’re poor and naive, you are at the mercy of isms. When you’re wealthy and seasoned, you are at the mercy of . Hint: $ is only one form of

* Claim rights to something all you want, the person doing wrong respects nothing but quick and violent pain

* Nature reproduces itself and it’s agents of “good and evil” so that their unending struggle create something better than their parents

* Difference between morals and ethics? The results. Honor loses to ethics every time.

* Imposter syndrome increases with attractiveness

* If you could make gold outta nothing, it would still be worthless until you made others feel the need for such a service.

* The sound of people NOT depending on you is death swinging it’s sickle.

* Every single thing in the media is slight of hand. The obsessive coverage is the biggest look ova here… history

* Do you know the difference between completing something and adding something? Sometimes when you get rid of something, you complete it.

* These thoinks have one trick: get naked.

* The world has

* There are two versions of the REAL you 1. The one people love to see 2. The version they wish they never saw.

* If you have someone that treats you well, taking care of them x2 is taking care of you x4




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I took my childhood and adult experiences and made it into an entity to learn from. I've helped others steer clear of themselves, and I love to help clients help themselves during our appointments! Set up an appointment at

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