A Woman’s Submission

If it is wrong for a man to desire, to seek, and to merit a submissive woman, then it is unnatural for a woman to desire, seek, and merit a take-charge man. They are two sides to the same coin; an unequal and opposite reaction.

* In the same dynamic I spoke on in [ Fem Lures ] a woman’s submission is a natural reaction when she encounters a man superior to her (a rich, tall, and strong man). This biological drive for security  is rooted in her physical and mental insecurity and inferiority.

* When women blame you for their behavior, the countless “you made me this way” or “what are you doing to me?” ; whether it be in the heat of sex or the dead of disarray, she is telling you that you are the marionette. You the pianist and she the piano. She is right.

* Men who are asking and demanding that their wife or potential girlfriend be submissive are missing the point. As effective as yelling at the arrow for not hitting the bulls-eye, this man makes an ass of himself and removes himself from the competition.

* Money and pussy both detest desperation and force. Force is the weapon of the weak, and she is looking for her opposite, not her equal. Chasing them speaks of “thirst” and poverty. A man of abundance however, low-income or not, has no trouble attracting women or money in the same way that beautiful, rich, & popular people can get gifts for free. Abundance and security (of self, abilities, health) begets abundance.

* Those who tame beasts have harnessed the carnal lusts and primal urges in themselves first, so that their achievement of such discipline inspires and begets the same. When breaking a horse, this is the same process. Whether it is a kitten or a lion, it responds to posture and posturing; the lack of smell of fear; your regality; never your line of reasoning or who you THINK you are. Prey or predator is assessed in your being within minutes. The most ornery shrew will turn into a docile lamb when faced with a capable Shepard.

* The subtext of modern-misandry is that they want higher quality men for their higher expectations AND that most men have become apologetic, spineless, parodies of women, and we know women don’t get along peacefully with other women. Remember: it’s only sexual harassment if she doesn’t like the man doing it. Women verbally prod the same way you would knock on a wall to “find a stud.” When they give you shit, they are trying to find a stud. Knock knock, who’s there? Pillar or pussy?

* They destroy soyboys and devote themselves to the abundant one. This isn’t gold-digging as much as it is a survival strategy. Can he protect and/or provide for me and the family, or does he lean on me as I would lean on a real-man?

Be followed or be swallowed.


Published by Avery

I took my childhood and adult experiences and made it into an entity to learn from. I've helped others steer clear of themselves, and I love to help clients help themselves during our appointments! Set up an appointment at xyadvice@gmail.com

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