Plead the 5th Dimension

For those who still comb the internet deep enough, you eventually come to a fork in the road: enjoy or investigate? The metaphorical red-pill is for those who have come to defend themselves against the many delusions that offer a way OUT; it’s for those who seek the rabbit holes and side-streets that offer a way IN.


* The feeling of being torn is supplied by life’s instincts on one hand, tugging the opposite direction of social mores. Some remain broken in the way that new muscle is born from torn fibers, while the rest don’t climb high enough to risk being fractured. No harmony, no conflict, mere cruise control on the main road, with the sneaking suspicion that there is more.

* They wave the flag but don’t plant it. Here is why the “woke” community has their eyes wide shut, and why your favorite academic has a nose in a book, but not in reality, and his dogma isn’t potty trained.

1. For a 2D being, like a piece of paper, viewing, being, or contemplating a being of a higher magnitude is offensive and life-threatening. His whole being and world frame is that of a 2D world. To view that which is lower is of no strain to his self-interest, nor to his safety.


  1. To consider there are things superior to you is to greet powerlessness. Imagine how ants feel about us, and we’re only being of greater mass and intelligence, not dimension. We’ve learned more from them than they from us. We even have sympathy for lions and elephants when they get hunted, even though they are greater in mass and strength than us. Yet neither beast would cause us as much harm than that of a being from a higher dimension.


* So when offering a different opinion to those who have been comfortably living in an echo chamber, assured that it is their side who are just and true, you receive the palace walls, not a lowered drawbridge


* That opposing opinion is a portal into another world. Remember the threat offered by higher being. What is an idea but a seed for a world to grow? You see why pens are mightier than swords now? A sword can cut a man in half, but a pen can cut open the fabric of your world, like the Truman Show, and have your own world come crashing around you. We are eerily close to recasting ourselves for the live performance of Fahrenheit 451.

* Is there any wonder that psychedelics are illegal, but alcohol and sugar are readily available, omnipresent, and inexpensive? It’s not that the powers that be want to oppresses the masses as much as the slaves are too afraid of freedom. Freedom is too harsh a punishment for the crime of curiosity.


The masses assign the title “illuminati” to all of those who are more rich or popular than they, those who shed light on their meek and impotent existence. Wouldn’t you blame the light that awakened you from a long and gentle slumber?




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