One Card In The Deck

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

~Coco Chanel

* Women play one card when they come to the table, and that is their body. In days of old, they played it with the care, cunning, and the grace of poker. With the binds of courtship and shame undone, they play this same card with the eagerness and greed of UNO (ex. using pussy hats, nudity, and period blood in public forums as a means of protest). Such a shame that women send out subtle cues to attract a mate, yet ignore the tiny details when it comes to keeping that mate. A man that cannot get the girl is as lame as a woman that cannot secure the commitment of a man. A man only after sex is the same as a woman that can supply only sex. Yet when pressured, the modern woman will cave under a simple question such as Patrice O’Neal has pointed out:

“If we took away sex from the equation, what do you bring to the table?”

* This one card has served them well when they played it well, allowing them to control the legacies of kings and the expenses and homes of men, yet with the abandoning of their feminine post, flooding the market with sex at low-low prices, they took away their own sexual monopoly. Game Over.

* Although they have other cards in their deck, and yes, intelligence among them, in dealing with their opponent, the other cards are often misused, played at the wrong time, and therefore, ineffective. She thinks men are intimidated by an intelligent woman, when often, we are annoyed. We have fun and playfully joust with men, and they can beat us up, so why would we want to be super-serious and stiff with you?

Even when a woman is on par intellectually with a man, it does not have the pull that her feminine wiles, charm, and physique do on a man’s psyche. You don’t go to a strip-club for the wholesome atmosphere, in the same way you don’t go to a shooting range for the peace and quiet . A man has to use all of his cards, with his emotional card facing down, and she too must face her brainy/brawny card down. Opposites attract and supply the need AND opportunity for the opponent to play that card. It is not the denial of a woman’s intelligence, but supply and demand.

* Afterall, the game is trade, but the name of the game is “love”. Since all of life is concerned with it’s creation and preservation, an ugly and difficult game, the completion of the game is fostered with a good dose of romance and lies. Cunning feints, slights of hand, and misdirection, all ensure the continuation of the game. Something neither sex remembers how to do (yes there are only 2 genders; go fuck yourself)

* Here falls the death blow to women’s hopes: the men they are accustomed to, have no romance in them, platonic or sexual, and they in turn are rendered blind. They had no father with a Casanova streak or even a hint of Rudolph Valentino, only a mother who has womanly needs and human worries: base and low concerns. Consequently, they become Jenna Jameson without brushing up on Cleopatra or Aphrodite to emulate. All sizzle, no steak.

In the epic tales, it is the conquering of Mother nature (Odysseus vs The Ocean ; Indiana Jones vs. Earth) which leads him to the respect of his peers, and finally getting a mother’s love (The girl). It is the conquering of woman that makes a hero a hero. Men even name the tools they use on the road to heroism after women (guns,ships, knives, cars, planes, etc). If he doesn’t have to slay the dragon and go on adventure to win, he won’t develop character, muscle, and the other 50 cards in the deck. He too becomes a one-trick pony. All this occurs from this one card in the deck.

* Women fail to realize that pushing for “equality” is coming down from Mount Olympus: Women confound being idolized with being objectified, and lose their draw +4. Game Over.



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