The Purge

Inspired by breakfast with an author who is sociopathic. After telling her that we keep society at bay, the abyss incarnate which threatens society to behave respectfully, I wrote the following.

Individualists are the agents of chaos. Seeing neither good nor bad as brilliantly as “I”

Morality, i.e religion, has always and will always be the most conclusive means to control and unite a tribe, locally and globally

The Dark Triad and the social underbelly keeps society from getting out of balance. We are the things that are used in horror films and folklore, to morbidly entertain or to discourage bad behavior in youngsters. All of this is why the terrible-trio and society function best when we are:

1. A minority

* As selfish as most humans are, the amount of mental gymnastics that must be done to truly hurt someone is as difficult as eating frozen peanut butter. Your run of the mill person commits run of the mill crimes, but nothing heavy enough to rock the boat of their community, or cause them to carry guilt and remorse that makes them lose both weight and sleep.

Remove this cognitive dissonance and add some charm, and you have what Kevin Dutton regards as someone who can “cook with fire but not feel the fire” These individuals put the tribe in danger, and the tribes that survive and succeed are those that limit such individuals reckless and ruthless behavior, genetically and socially. Because of us, the tribe:

A. has a need to band together harmoniously and agree “strength in morals and numbers”

B. Has faith that honesty will rule the day, not cunning. Making transactions quick and numerous, resulting in a prosperous society that is ruled by the light of day, and it’s commerce is governed mainly by the activity during these hours.

C. If we were allowed to breed, then our ways would become more commonplace. The mass accrued would affect the surrounding persons by way of magnetism, momentum, and charisma, resulting in a sway of what is cool and not cool.

The chaos keepers, the dark triad, benefit from being a minority in the same way contagions benefit from being microscopic and bands of men are more stealthy, mobile, and quick when kept to small numbers. Being a minority leads one’s mechanisms to perhaps be marvelled at but looked over, having yet to gain enough mass to be considered a “big enough” threat.

2. That we are seen as taboo.

* Forbidden elements already have power due to

A. The reason they are forbidden

B. The danger promised or inferred when we are around

C. The air of mystery that can be used as a weapon

If we are normalized, the herd would be eaten. Animals that stray from the herd get taken. If they stick together, they can survive. Leave the chicken coop open or unsecured, in comes the wolf.

* The things we do without qualms are what most neurotypical people would call “the darkside” The dark side contains the destructive impulses that cannot be repeated in positive-sum transactions.

* If we are “blacklisted” we are given more influence than sometimes warranted, in the same way no one speaks Voldermort’s name or admits their secrets openly. This benefits spiders and snakes alike, who stick and move, and who are anti-social.

* For these reasons I implore the general populace to refrain from shedding light on the dark corners with anything more than a flashlight. Putting us in the spotlight as you do in movies and on your YouTube pages about how your ex was “A Narcissist” and what cunning and destructive forces we are will send hunting parties after us…….hunting parties of self-sacrificing empaths, offering up their juggulars in the name of masochism, masquerading as helping others heal.

This relationship between beauty and beast is a symbiotic one, that will only hurt your lambs in the long run. Heads I win, tails you lose. Let the smart survive as we purge your numbers, with lessons learned the hard way, of the one’s who were too weak, too slow, or of ill breeding, so that our supply continues and your numbers refine. We both benefit from our obscurity.



Published by Avery

Advisor. Daemon who dissects. Dark horse. Light-bringer.

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