Death of a Salesman

Make no mistake, we are all salesman.

Competence and charisma for the salesman are the timing and strength of the predator. He will have few chances at cornering prey, so he must have these, above all, to seal the deal.

1. A shitty salesman doesn’t always equate to an inferior product.

2. A bad explanation does not always equate to a shitty idea

Yet these truths does not protect the man pursuing knowledge from ignoring diamonds which are nesteld in shit. Dishonesty often brings nervousness and hesitancy to the seller, which in turn hinders his charisma and credibility.

* Curiosity goes halfway, and intrigue the other half.

Some are patient, most are patient people worn out by their various attachments, making time and subtlety into impotent luxuries for their attentions.

* Because these customers have a small window to be enthralled, the seller cannot be hesitant, unsure, or insecure. Even when confronted with his ignorance, he must be confident and positive still. Responding with such lines as “let’s find out together” or “thank you; I’ve yet to think about it that way.”

Even con-men and the dark-triad look their marks in the eye and smile, while lying [here]

Music is the silence between the notes, noise is the needy performer. Those who oversell or inundate the mark with cheesy lines and trite tactics go home hungry.

One thing is certain: attention is limited, and first impressions can and do make/break a presentation. Making that presentation simple, with conviction, gives the mark more time and room to feel your message in a world of increasingly smaller frames for either.



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